The impact of the Congressional Black Caucus on United States foreign policy: Haiti and the Haitian refugees, 1991--1994

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


International Studies

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Bruce Bagley - Committee Chair


The central question of this dissertation is what influence did the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) had on U.S. foreign policy toward Haiti and the Haitian refugees during the period from 1991--1994. This thesis focuses on the role of an ethnic political group on U.S. foreign policy. The study analyzes the role of an ethnic legislative group in pluralist politics. In doing so the study uses a methodological approach, which is a case study of the CBC through the examination of its role and impact on the formulation and implementation of U.S. policy.The study starts with an examination of group theory, as it best illustrates the process of group's formation and actions within the American political system. Then, the dissertation examines CBC's main strategies to change U.S. foreign policy toward Haiti. This is done after an historical review of U.S. Haitian foreign relations. The study then concludes with an estimate of CBC's relative success in influencing U.S. foreign policy concerning Haiti, and finally assesses the CBC's successes and limitations within the American pluralist political system.


Political Science, International Law and Relations; Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies

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