Strategic and tactical fleet planning for the car rental industry

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

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Eleftherios Iakovou - Committee Chair


Car rental companies operate large fleets of vehicles in many locations throughout the United States. The demand varies at each location and changes throughout the year due to seasonality and special regional events. Hence, management strives to match their capacity to current and projected demand in order to maximize their yield via three decision-making modules. The first module involves the grouping of rental locations into clusters/pools (a pool is a group of car rental locations that shares a fleet of vehicles). The second, is a process in which decisions are made for each pool about types and quantities of vehicles to be acquired from and returned to the contracted manufacturer along with the corresponding timing for these actions. The final decision module involves the short-term deployment of the fleet within each pool among the locations that compose it. A novel hierarchical framework that synthesizes the major modules of the entire decision-making process while capturing their interdependencies is defined. Furthermore, appropriate solution methodologies for all three problems taking into account the sequential nature of the hierarchical structure are developed. Finally, the application of the entire methodology is exhibited by a real case analysis for the State of Florida. This work is a first time effort in looking at some of these Revenue/Yield Management issues in the car rental industry in a holistic systematic fashion.


Business Administration, Management; Engineering, Industrial; Operations Research

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