A drum set guide for the secondary school band director

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Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.)

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Fred Wickstrom, Committee Chair

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Keith Aleo, Committee Member


This essay is intended as a self-instructional tool to assist band directors and their students in learning more about the drum set. The essay includes a manual and videotape that demonstrate particular drum set techniques that are relevant to the jazz ensemble in the school music program. The manual includes fifty musical examples that are demonstrated in the order in which they appear on the videotape. The essay and manual discuss: drum set notation; various jazz styles; examples of embellishments of notated rhythm patterns; and information on basic musicianship skills. The essay concludes with a discography of classic jazz recordings, a video discography, and a list of method books. The videotape is on reserve at the University of Miami School of Music Archives.


Education, Music

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