Theses/Dissertations from 2007

Field results and physical modeling of the sediment dynamics of a channeled, peritidal coastal system in southwest Florida, Brigitte Marie-Anne Vlaswinkel

Today's Pianist: A piano series designed to develop technical and musicianship skills in intermediate piano students with limited time, Megan Anne Walsh

The political economy of underdevelopment in Mexico: An institutional assessment of labor market outcomes, Matthew Ward

Partner support and psychosexual adjustment to breast cancer, Sarah Rebecca Wimberly

Modeling and analysis of digital video transmission over networks using packet-level FEC, Xunqi Yu

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Amphetamine-induced axon terminal injury modulates Pavlovian conditioning, Cindy Achat-Mendes

Song as an aggressive signal in the song sparrow Melospiza melodia, Rindy Christine Anderson

Controlling photochemistry within polymeric and oligomeric organic hosts, Selvanathan Arumugam

The traumatic imagination: Shock chronotopes and hyperreality in magical realist writing, Eugene L. Arva

Health, lifestyle, and labor-market outcomes: The case of Iceland, Tinna Laufey Asgeirsdottir

Homogeneous sulfide oxygenation via manganese and ruthenium catalysts and interactions between [copper(2)([18]ane nitrogen(6))](4+) and phosphates, Julia Elaine Barker

Neurobehavioral protocols for distinguishing between behavioral compensation and recovery of sensorimotor function following traumatic brain injury in mice, Yelena Katsman Baskin

The provider-patient relationship in HIV-positive Hispanic and non-Hispanic White MSM: Effects on HIV-related quality of life and mood, Carlos Andres Bedoya

Selection of trumpets and mouthpieces by classically-trained players for commercial music performance, Conte Jay Bennett

Relations among joint attention, attachment, and language outcome in typically developing infants, Jessica Joy Block

Three-dimensional mapping of eccentric and concentric isokinetic muscle performance in collegiate pitchers: A more complete perspective on isokinetic assessment of shoulder internal and external rotation, Angie Botto-Van Bemden

Outcomes of maternal smoking during pregnancy: Sudden infant death and early childhood overweight, Kathleen Franciska Brookfield

An investigation of novel approaches to osteoporosis risk assessment in a multi-ethnic population of women and men, Danielle Lorraine Broussard

A satellite remote sensing case study of the hydrological cycle and oceanic response in the Bay of Bengal, John Edward Brown

Bio-behavioral markers of phenotypic differences in high functioning autism, Courtney Paige Burnette

Of dangerous women and hybrid nations: Women, impurity and the nation in Cuban nineteenth century, Beatriz Calvo-Pena

The "Cuban Dances" ("Danzas Cubanas") of Mario Ruiz Armengol: A performer's guide, Martin Camacho Zavaleta

Effects of an integrated learning system on the reading achievement of middle school students, Yvonne Cecelia Campbell

Effects of cognitive behavioral stress management on psychosocial adjustment, neuroendocrine functioning, and immunity in HAART-treated HIV+ gay and bisexual men, Adam W. Carrico

Does familiarity breed contempt? Analyses of the relationship among company familiarity, company reputation, company citizenship, and company personality on corporate equity, Tina Marie Carroll

School commitment, student perception of school efforts to involve students in the education process, self determination and behavioral and educational outcomes, Wendy Morrison Cavendish

Iridium thin films deposited via pulsed laser deposition, Chenglin Chen

An annotated bibliography of Taiwanese piano music by selected composers born after 1950, Ching-Ming Cheng

Various reactions on ruthenium(2) compounds: Towards supramolecules and dendrimers, Weizhong Chen

The creation of a model to predict jazz improvisation achievement, Charles Robert Ciorba

Classical saxophone curricula in Central America, Cynthia Cripps

Repertoire selection practices of band directors as a function of teaching experience, training, instructional level, and degree of success, Lourinda S. Crochet

Neuronal competition for action potential initiation sites in a circuit controlling simple learning, Georgina Estrella Cruz

The lucid silver and the glowing ore: British women writers mine South America, 1770--1860, Jessica Damian Schelke

Exploring the role of sexual self-schemas in the sexual adjustment of spinal cord injured women, Barbara Joelle Davidov

Iron-mediated physico-oxidative treatment of high strength recalcitrant organic wastewater: Landfill leachate, Yang Deng

Raza, genero, espacio social y carnaval: El papel de la cultura en la representacion simbolica de la nacion colombiana, Carlos De Oro

Dirhenium and compounds containing N,N'-bridging bidentate ligands, Michael Dequeant

The language outcome of a particularly high-risk population: The role of caregiver speech, responsivity, and directiveness, Laura H. Dinehart

Non-existence of product-form solutions for some closed discrete-time queueing networks, Alvio Dominguez

The promise and the peril: Science fiction's depiction of technology, Nader Elhefnawy

Development of a water quality model which incorporates non-point microbial sources, Samir M. Elmir

Transcriptional regulation of the core 2 beta 1,6 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase I gene, Virginia Rebecca Falkenberg

Comparison of subjective complaints, postural control impairments, and balance deficits among adults with semicircular canal versus otolith vestibular dysfunction, Lisa Renee Farrell

Bioenergetics of juvenile cobia and billfish, Michael Walter Feeley

Productive and unproductive cognitive/emotional processing in psychotherapy for depression, Gregory Charles Feldman

Dyslipidemia and subclinical inflammation in subjects with the metabolic syndrome, Hermes J. Florez

Pathways of cardiac myocyte apoptosis induced by hypoxia-acidosis and hypoxia-reoxygenation, Donna Peppers Frazier

In-search of the psyche: The multiplicity of mythic selves in Wallace Stevens, Denise Marie Frusciante

Human phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase-1 (PDK1): Mechanism of autoactivation and substrate catalysis, Xinxin Gao

Identification and characterization of a Yersinia pestis insecticidal-like toxin complex, Inessa Gendlina

Factor analysis of the Galileo Approaches to Learning scale, J'lene George

Muzzling the watchdog: Changing media performance in democratic Argentina, Juliet Gill

Transcribing Charles Ives Violin Sonatas Nos 1 and 3 for clarinet, Christopher Frederick Graham

The transfiguration of the discarded: Consumption and waste in Wallace Stevens, A R Ammons, Don DeLillo, and Martin Scorsese, Alan Joseph Gravano

Psychological distress and immune dysregulation in HIV-1 pathogenesis: An integrative model of disease progression, Jeffrey M. Greeson

Predation in marine reserves and its impact on the survival and early life histories of newly-settled coral reef fishes, Kristen Ann Grorud-Colvert

A comparison of international and American students with respect to emotional distress and adjustment to college within a counseling center population, Danielle R. Hadeed

Development of an electronic mentoring scale for the investigation of the effects of the Internet on mentoring practices, Bettina Anne Hamilton

Peer victimization and depressive symptoms in adolescence, Hannah Moore Harrison

Psychoacoustic modeling for perceptual audio coding and watermarking with improved synchronization, Xing He

Macronutrient and carbon dioxide system interactions, William Thomas Hiscock

Impact of socio-economic factors and engineered systems on anopheline larval mosquitoes and economic evaluation of larval control interventions in urban Malindi, Kenya, Daniel Edward Impoinvil

Development of violin virtuosity from the Baroque period to the modern era, Domagoj Ivanovic

Attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help among Jamaican adolescents, Dahra Nicole Jackson

Speech enhancement by linear transformation and constrained optimization, Wen Jin

Variants of sonata form as seen in Alban Berg's Piano Sonata, Op 1, and Sergei Prokofiev's Piano Sonata No 3 in A minor, Op 28, Shu-Fen Juang

J B Floyd: A Multifaceted Life In Music, Barbara Kay Kaskinen

Biology and ecology of the family Eucalanidae in the North Western Indian Ocean, Josephine Kasyi

Identification of three Escherichia coli pseudouridine synthases, and characterization of TruD structure and function, Yusuf Kaya

Symphony concerts for young audiences, Bruce Anthony Kiesling

The mechanism of localization and attachment of collagen tailed acetylcholinesterase at the mammalian neuromuscular junction, Lewis Mercer Kimbell Iii.

Pre-Kindergarten Music Education Standards and the Opportunity-to-Learn Standards as applied to preschool settings in the United States, Janet Duguay Kirsten

Making West Indians unwelcome: Bananas, race and the immigrant question in Izabal, Guatemala, 1900--1929, Douglas W. Kraft

Theorem F: A Holistic-Humanistic Model Of Development, Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Investigating plate boundary zone deformation with geodetic GPS and modeling studies: A story of two ridges, Peter Christopher Lefemina

Continuing in band: Marketing to incoming high school students, Kathleen Marie Light

The effect of hypoglucose on cardiac apoptosis: Insulin signaling pathway andc-Jun N-terminal kinase function, Huifang Li

Estimation of incident delay and its variability in freeway networks, Jibing Li

Sperm storage and sexual selection in Aplysia californica, a simultaneous hermaphrodite, Adam Nathan Ludwig

Secured and adaptive transmission rate control for multimedia networking, Hongli Luo

Speciation of trace metals in natural waters, Yanxin Luo

Temporal patterns in the ingress of settlement-stage gray snapper (Lutjanus griseus) and other fishes to Biscayne Bay, Florida, and the Caicos Bank, Turks and Caicos Islands, Elizabeth Diane Maddox

Treatment of tumor cells with the glycolytic inhibitor, 2-deoxy-D-glucose: Effects and mechanisms of resistance, Johnathan C. Maher

European security in the post-Cold War era: Whither Europe?, Gabriela Marin-Thornton

The effects of participation in literature circles on reading comprehension, Jodi Crum Marshall

Post-Communist property claims in the Czech Republic and Nicaragua: Lessons learned for Cuba, Tania C. Mastrapa

Cycling and fate of carbon in the western Arctic Ocean during the Shelf-Basin Interactions Project, Jeremy T. Mathis

Predictors of performance on the FCAT of adolescents who struggle with reading, Adriana Laza Medina

Multiple B-class ephrins and Eph receptors regulate midline axon guidance in the developing mouse forebrain, Shannon Wayne Mendes

Structure and dynamics of the zinc potentiation site of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Karla B. Mihalak

Analysis of auditory middle latency responses at low and high stimulus rates during sleep, Jorge Millan

Quo Vadis: Exploring musical forms in jazz, Jesse Milliner

Returns and liquidity in the aftermarket, Alexandre Moltchanov

Effect of interpersonal dysfunction on treatment response to a cognitive-behavioral stress management intervention in men treated for early stage prostate cancer, Ivan R. Molton

The relationship between dynamic balance and walking in children, James Gilbert Moore

Psychological distress as a function of multiple minority status stress, Jon Etienne Mourot

Song of Songs: A song cycle for soprano and tenor, Raina Murnak

A two dimensional biomimetic approach to the amyloidogenesis, David Naistat

Inverse finite element methods for extracting elastic-poroviscoelastic properties of cartilage and other soft tissues from indentation, Ravi Namani