Theses/Dissertations from 2006

A framework for automating human identification using dental x-ray radiographs, Omaima Mohamed Nomir

The effect of performance rubrics on college-level applied studio grading, Kelly A. Parkes

The effect of performance rubrics on college-level applied studio grading, Kelly A. Parkes

Coverage of international news in Brazilian and American print media: Applying the structural theory of imperialism to media agenda setting concerning international news, Daniel Paskin

Controlling photochemistry of organic molecules using water soluble hosts, Mahesh Pattabiraman

Assessing the effectiveness and appropriateness of a Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management intervention for African American HIV+HPV+ women, Michele Renae Peake

School routines and broken school windows: Race, ethnicity, and student victimization, Anthony A. Peguero

A cross-cultural investigation of the relations among organizational justice, paternalism, delegation and leader-member exchange (LMX) relationships, Ekin Kurtoglu Pellegrini

Modernism, democracy, and the Nicaraguan Revolution: An analysis of the theoretical dualism guiding the revolutionary objectives of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, Fernando Manuel Perez

A comparative analysis of selected piano solos by Red Garland, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly and Herbie Hancock from their recordings with the Miles Davis groups, 1955--1968, Justin Clay Perry

Genre and comprehension strategies presented in elementary basal reading programs: A content analysis, Paola Pilonieta

Membrane mucin Muc4 induces density dependent changes in Erk activation in mammary epithelial and tumor cells: Role in reversal of contact inhibition, Vanessa Pino

Unraveling the perforin gene in cytotoxic lymphocytes: The transcriptional territory of perforin and elements required for its locus control region, Matthew E. Pipkin

In search of the best solution to the skeptical puzzle: A comparative analysis of possible responses, Nenad Popovic

A formal, historical, and interpretive analysis of "Equus" and "October" for wind ensemble by composer Eric Whitacre, Christopher David Ragsdale

Two-dimensional analysis of wave energy evolution using wavelet transforms, Rafael Juda Ramos-Heredia

Mutational analysis of the M41 residue of the human immunodeficiency virus-1 reverse transcriptase: Effects on reverse transcriptase activities and implications for drug resistance, Priya Rangarajan

A history of the bands at the teachers' school in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, 1871--1971, Nathan Rinnert

Colonialism, imprisonment, and contamination in French Guyana: Leon-Gontran Damas's "Retour de Guyane" and Patrick Chamoiseau's "Guyane: Traces-memoires du bagne", Guillermo Antonio Rivera

The concept of international security and the United Nations, Emma Maria Rodriguez Sifuentes

Proactive ergonomic behaviors intervention: Effects on promoting safe practices and reducing work-related musculoskeletal disorders among water utility workers, Wanda T. Rosado

Optimal type three secretion system activity of the pathogenic Yersiniae require polynucleotide phosphorylase: Mediated by its S1 RNA binding domain, Jason A. Rosenzweig

Stress and trauma and their impact on the cervical, immunological, and sexual health of HIV+HPV+ women, Rachel Claire Rose

Cognitive biases associated with a history of mania, Camilo Javier Ruggero

Stable complex formation by HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, Wiriya Rutvisuttinunt

A qualitative analysis of health promotion among older African Americans, Tamika R. Sanchez-Jones

Vocal health of middle school and high school choral directors, Sandra M. Schwartz

Dislodgeable and leachable arsenic from in-service and recycled CCA-treated wood that potentially impacts humans, Tomoyuki Shibata

Launching the DNS war: Dot-com privatization and the rise of global Internet governance, Craig Lyle Simon

A mediational model of the relationships among marital power, triadic family functioning, and child adjustment: An examination of ethnic and gender differences, Julie Sarah Simons

"Removing" questions surrounding the in vivo mechanism of HIV-1 AZT resistance, Anthony James Smith

Global properties of asymptotically de Sitter and anti de Sitter spacetimes, Didier Adan Solis

Nonlinear random vibration of vibroimpact systems, Liangliang Song

The Ku-Band Polarization Identifier, a new instrument to probe polarized astrophysical radiation at 12--18 GHz, Eugenia Stefanescu

Quantitative and qualitative aspects of HIV serostatus self-disclosure: Their relationship to immune function, cortisol, and posttraumatic growth, Brenda Lynn Stoelb

A bidimensional model to examine the effects of parent and adolescent biculturation strategies on family functioning and behavior problems, Summer L. Sullivan

Self-assembly of dendrimers and highly coupled ferrocene dimers via hydrogen bonding, Hao Sun

The influence of oxytocin on oxidative and inflammatory mechanisms in the progression of atherosclerosis in human vascular cells, Angela Szeto

Unconventional notation: A pianist's guide to intent and execution, Amy Tarantino

Text, context, and reception history of the Richard Dehmel poems "Venus Mater" and "Wiegenlied" and their lieder settings by Hans Pfitzner and Richard Strauss, Marie Ann Tavianini

Joint engagement and language development: Contributions of mother and infant, Danielle M. Thorp

Regulation of oxidant-induced cell death in cardiac myocytes, Thanh Huu Tran

Organic speciation of size-segregated atmospheric particulate matter, Raphael Tremblay

Approach, avoidance, and daily affect in marriage: Testing a differential exposure-reactivity model, Adam Barasch Troy

Cross-talk between oxidative phosphorylation and nuclear transcription, Corina Van Waveren

Co-occurring internalizing disorders and treatment outcome in at-risk minority youth attending a family based treatment for behavior problems, Ellen Lee Vaughan

The development of the scale Women's Health Appraisal to address middle-aged women's menopausal symptoms, Xuewen Wang

Creation of a Markov chain model of National Center for Health Statistics 2002 mortality data: Examining life expectancies, hypothetical cure scenarios, and mortality disparities, Jacob Coleman Warren

Assessing positive growth from the experience of chronic illness: A measurement model of benefit finding in breast cancer, prostate cancer, and HIV/AIDS, Kathryn Elizabeth Weaver

Quantitative pore/rock type parameters in carbonates and their relationship to velocity deviations, Ralf J. Weger

An analysis of the development of Kenny Dorham's jazz improvisational vocabulary, Timothy Malcolm Weir

The effects of a stress management intervention on anxiety and natural killer cell activity in women treated for breast cancer, Kurrie A. Wells

Food sharing in monogamous owl monkeys (Aotus spp), Christy Kaitlyn Wolovich

Regulation of DNA replication and repair by DNA polymerase delta interacting protein 1 (PDIP1), Tianli Xia

Vita Hildegardis: A chamber opera in IX scenes, Adalberto De Yanes

A management of technology (MOT) body-of-knowledge (BoK) framework for the formulation and evaluation of MOT graduate educational curricula, Mario, Jr Yanez Jr.

Arc binary intensity modulated radiation therapy (AB IMRT), Jun Yang

Studies on the roles of DNA polymerases delta and epsilon in DNA replication and repair, and the interaction of the small subunit of DNA polymerase delta with proliferating cell nuclear antigen, Min You

Positions of convenience: Cultural identity and the politics of suppression, conformity, and ambiguity in late Colonial Peru, Jose E. Zavala

Acoustic model and pronunciation adaptation in automatic speech recognition, Yongxin Zhang

Organophosphorus acid anhydrolase: Secondary structure analysis in solution and Langmuir-Blodgett film and the direct CDS quantum dots conjugation for detection of diisopropylfluorophosphate, Liang Zhao

Spectroscopic properties of organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH) and organophosphorus acid anhydrolase (OPAA), Jiayin Zheng

Theses/Dissertations from 2005

The relations of infant joint attention skills to social competence in school-age children at-risk due to prenatal cocaine exposure, Caroline Francoise Acra

Randomized clinical trial comparing active versus passive approaches to the treatment of recurrent and chronic low back pain, Brent D. Anderson

Broad transcript variability in the connexin gene family and microRNA-mediated translational regulation of Cx43 during myogenesis, Curtis Lee Anderson

On trigonometric interpolation, Paul Anthappan

Insect pollinator communities of tree islands and surrounding habitats, and pollination ecology of Asclepias lanceolata(Apocynaceae) in Everglades National Park, Derek Russell Artz

Mechanosensitivity of gap junction hemichannels, Li Bao

The adaptive significance of ureotelism in the gulf toadfish, Opsanus beta, John Francis Barimo

Johannes Brahms the conductor: Historical context, chronology, and critical reception, James K. Bass

Seismic analysis of paleocurrent features in the Florida Straits: Insights into the paleo-Florida Current, upstream tectonics, and the Atlantic-Caribbean connection, Kelly L. Bergman

Acculturation and health status among Hispanic American elders, Charles Paul Buscemi

HIV-positive identity and health behaviors in adolescents living with HIV, Tandrea Jeanette Carter

Mechanisms of RelB regulation during early dendritic cell differentiation, Pedro Joel Cejas

"Miami Suite" for chamber orchestra, Yanyue Chan

A Peircean theory of real kinds, Hsi-Heng Cheng

Peru: A Case Study Of Church-State Relations (1990--2005), Maria C. Conde

Identification and characterization of SpyA, a mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase from Streptococcus pyogenes, Lisette Hilda Coye

Affective dysregulation: Reactions to criticism in bipolar disorder, Amy Kizer Cuellar

European Union foreign policy: Agents, structure, preferences and networks, Roberto Dominguez Rivera

Depositional controls on lacustrine sedimentary organic geochemistry, Geoffrey S. Ellis

The effect of the Yamaha Music In Education keyboard instructional approach on the musical and nonmusical outcomes of middle school students, Patricia Ooi Englehardt

The interaction of alpha-conotoxins PnIA and MII with alpha3beta2 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, Drew Everhart

Analysis of vesicular stomatitis virus expressing hepatitis C virus structural proteins as a potential vaccine, Heather Jeannine Ezelle

Car-safety device behavior among Hispanic drivers, Vivian Padron Fajardo

mRNA nuclear export pathway disrupted by the vesicular stomatitis virus, Paula Andrea Faria Waziry

Reef fish utilization of mangrove shoreline habitats within southeastern Florida, Craig Howard Faunce

Selection and characterization of Yersinia pestis YopN mutants that constitutively block Yop secretion, Franco Ferracci

Locations of identity: Space, place, and mobility in contemporary Quebecois immigrant literature, Kevin Finn

On the physics, circulation and exchange processes of the Rio de la Plata Estuary and the adjacent shelf, Mariana Framinan

A performance and pedagogical analysis of compositions for unaccompanied solo trumpet by Persichetti, Wolpe, Sampson, and Ticheli, Peter D. Francis

How should a multicultural society educate its children for pluralism?, Sheron Fraser-Burgess

The influence of the French Cello School in North America, Marie-Elaine Gagnon

The feud of love: A cycle of love/hate scenes from Shakespeare for chamber ensemble, soprano, and baritone, David A. Ganon

Experimental and modeling studies of direct methanol fuel cells, Jiabin Ge

The modernizing mission: Literature and development in North Africa, Perri Giovannucci

Viral vector-mediated transduction of Schwann cells expressing a bifunctional neurotrophin facilitates myelination and axon growth after spinal cord injury, Kevin Louis Golden

Two Movements for String Orchestra and Percussion, Gonzalo L. Gonzalez

Symptom experiences and HIV medication adherence: Modeling cognitive and affective pathways, Jeffrey S. Gonzalez

Eco-hydrology and physiological water relations of vegetation along coastal dune ecotones on subtropical islands, Tara L. Greaver