Theses/Dissertations from 2005

How do current dysphoria and past depression affect social information processing?, David Sloan Greenawalt

Influence in the classroom: Exploring instructor self-disclosive communication and student outcomes in higher education, Lynn Dee Gregory

Exploring the challenges to regional integration in the developing world: The case of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Wendy C. Grenade

Cuban exile nationalism, Orlando Gutierrez-Boronat

Multi-criteria signal timing control strategies for critical intersections, Xiaojun Gu

Autonomic and circulatory function in type 1 diabetes mellitus, Candace Teresa Hart

History and performance edition of the "F A E Sonata" for violin and piano, Yu-Mei Huang

ynfA, a novel Escherichia coli gene of the small multidrug resistance superfamily, Nir Hus

Parallel computation of fluid-structural interactions using high resolution upwind schemes, Zongjun Hu

Segmentation and classification of MR brain images using artificial immune models, Mohamed O. Ibrahim

The eastern enlargement of the European Union: Interests, power, and norms, Nuray Ibryamova

Parent self-efficacy: Relationship with parent involvement and preschoolers' school readiness, Iheoma U. Iruka

Properties of IL-21/IL-21R and its regulation of B lymphocytes, Haoli Jin

Semiconductor quantum dots: Surface chemistry, surface modification and applications, Xiaojun Ji

Comparative diasporas: Jamaicans in South Florida and Toronto, Terry-Ann Jones

Ghostly traces: Gender and genre in the popular Gothic fiction of early nineteenth-century Spain, Leonor Juarez

Juvenile crime: Predicting violent from non-violent offenders, Tom Dean Kennedy

All optical controlled photonic integrated circuits using azo dye functionized sol-gel material, Xianjun Ke

Health, parasitism, plumage color and song in Cherrie's tanager, Ramphocelus costaricensis, Terry R. Krueger

Characterization of TNF-alpha release in LPS-stimulated astrocytes: Bi-functional effects of purinergic receptor activation and role for calcium signaling, Brandon M. Kucher

The improvisatory language of Michael Brecker as seen through an analysis and comparison of eight improvised solos, Tyler K. Kuebler

A comparison of three divergent jazz trombone styles from 1953: Jack Teagarden, J J Johnson, and Frank Rosolino, David Duane Lambert

Targeting maternal lifestyle to impact birthweight and subsequent developmental disabilities, Carrie Lazarus

Methods and techniques of teaching first semester cello performance majors: Four approaches by four master teachers (Ross Harbaugh, Phyllis Young, Irene Sharp, Tanya Carey), Sun-Ah Lee

Jazz trombonist Jimmy Cleveland: A bio-discography and analysis of his solo style, Douglas Jerry Leibinger

Tracking people with handoffs between multiple cameras, Charay Lerdsudwichai

Attitudes towards string education among collegiate string faculty, Melissa Anne Lesniak

A study of domestic violence recidivism following treatment among incarcerated men who batter, Letitia F. Ley

Modeling of stiffness degradation in materials with micromechanical and nanomechanical effects, Zheng Liang

Ney Rosauro's two concerti for marimba and orchestra: Analysis, pedagogy and artistic considerations, Wan-Chun Liao

Study of the functional peptides and peptidolipids in two dimensions: A surface chemistry approach, Changqing Li

Distinct roles of the ERK and the NFkappaB signaling pathways in dendritic cell differentiation of human progenitor cell line, Inna Lindner

The use of tree-based data structure in association mining, Yu Li

Explaining political adaptation of former hegemonic parties: Is Eastern Europe the future of Mexico?, Ericka Suzette Lopez Godoy

The growth of opposition in Cuba: Problems and prospects for democratization, Cristina C. Lopez-Gottardi Chao

An annotated bibliography of Paraguayan music for piano, Nancy Luzko

The Rho GTPase guanine nucleotide exchange factor Vav3 enhances androgen receptor transcriptional activity through ligand-dependent and independent mechanisms, Leah Lyons

Requiem for New Times, Peter Fraser Macdonald

The association of socioeconomic status and late stage breast cancer in Florida: A spatial analysis using area-based socioeconomic measures, Jill Amlong Mackinnon

Disruption of mosquito physiology by targeting molecules involved in post-bloodmeal homeostasis, Tereza Magalhaes

The pore of connexin hemichannels, Meiyun Ma

Deforestation affects the web of plant-insect interactions affecting reproductive success in the Amazonian herb, Rapatea ulei, Christina D. Mccain

Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of ligand binding, oxidative addition, and group/atom transfer in group VI metal complexes, James Eric Mcdonough

The prevalence of the metabolic syndrome among United States preadolescents and adolescents: Refinement of a working definition and implications for future health, Sarah Elizabeth Messiah

Tropical Atlantic climate variability recorded in corals from the Cape Verde Islands and the eastern Caribbean, Christopher Stanton Moses

Monetary policy and financial intermediation in a cash goods and credit goods general equilibrium economy, Augustine C. Nelson

Abiotic and biotic influences on the composition of nearshore marine communities of The Bahamas, Vanessa Lynn Nero

Characterization of the behavioral and histopathological responses in nuclear factor kappa B-I kappa B alpha-dominant negative mice before and after traumatic brain injury, Annmarie Jacqueline Nicholson-Bramwell

Characterization of the signaling pathways required to initiate apoptosis from the endoplasmic reticulum, Esther Ama Obeng

Pax6 overexpression suppresses cell proliferation and inhibits cell migration in corneal epithelial cells, Jie Ouyang

World conversion to hydrogen energy: Impact of regional differences, Kor Ozay

Herbivorous coral reef fishes in a changing ecosystem, Michelle Juliette Paddack

Non-covalent encapsulation of redox active compounds by resorcin[4]arenes, Ivy E. Philip

Twentieth-century chamber music excerpts for clarinet with a pedagogical analysis, Kristin L. Pisano

The improvisation of Hal Crook, Timothy R. Pitchford

Mental health trainees' responses to gay male same-sex domestic violence: An intervention study, Michael J. Potoczniak

The efficacy of three interventions to prevent substance use and sex initiation in subgroups of Hispanic adolescents, Guillermo Prado

Bridging the island: Brazilian elite views of Spanish America and themselves, 1888--1912, Ori Preuss

Population structure and larval dispersal in Caribbean coral reef fish, John Frederick Purcell

Impacts of salinity fluctuations on the productivity of coastal mangrove fish populations, Robert J. Robbins

Values-based foreign policy: The administrations of Jimmy Carter and George W Bush, Kimberley Roberts

Role of the isopod Anilocra partiti in the health, behavior and mating success of the bicolor damselfish, Stegastes partitus, Michael Patrick Robinson

Examining the role of acculturation among dually diagnosed Hispanic adolescents, Rosemarie Anne Rodriguez

Molecular characterization of the developing mouse spinal cord during neuronal differentiation and specification, Andrew Rosendahl

An investigation of the sclerosponge Ceratoporella nicholsoni as a high-resolution paleoclimate proxy, Brad Erik Rosenheim

The cellular and molecular regulation of T helper responses in murine neonates, Shawn Marshall Rose

Correlates of benefit finding in men treated for stage I or II prostate cancer, Jose A. Sandoval

In vitro evaluation of the influence of flow divertors on intra-aneurysmal flow, Jaehoon Seong

The independent and joint effects of race and social class: An analysis of racially-specific and racially-neutral causal attributions and support for redistributive policy, Jason Eugene Shelton

A comparison of stylistic, technical and pedagogical perspectives in vocal instruction among classical and jazz voice teachers, Julie Silvera-Jensen

The relationship between motivation and verbal academic achievement for inner-city adolescents after an adventure education intervention, Milton Micah Silverstein

Factors associated with health care utilization among vulnerable populations: Using Gelberg's and Andersen's behavioral model for vulnerable populations, La Fleur Small

The dynamics of coral reef algae in an upwelling system, Tyler Burton Smith

Dendritic and metallic nanoassemblies, David Sobransingh

Elizabethan formal verse satire and the ideology of dramatic form, 1599--1608, Steven Thomas Sowell

Natural and engineered strategies that modulate oxidative phosphorylation defects associated with mitochondrial DNA mutations, Sarika Srivastava

The effects of an 8-week active-assisted flexibility program on measures of functionality, mobility, power, and range of motion in elderly persons, Damian Charles Stanziano

Single-phase forced convective heat transfer in microtubes, Wei Sun

A psychosocial model of club drug use and sexual behavior among men-who-have-sex-with-men, Peter S. Theodore

The European Union after Maastricht: Politics of integration and their impact on national attitudes and a civic European identity, Markus Thiel

Analysis of the death-domain containing protein FADD: Novel functions, interactions and mechanisms of regulation, Emmanuel Thomas

Photochromic materials for digital processing and sensing, Massimiliano Tomasulo

Auditory role of the octavolateral efferent system in a teleost fish, Seth M. Tomchik

Evidence that P2 purinergic signaling in astrocytes regulates expression of N-cadherin and thrombospondin-1: Implications for CNS injury and development, Minh D. Tran

How Kant needs to interpret free will, Iuliana Corina Vaida

Transport and mesoscale eddy variability in the western North Atlantic using Lagrangian data, Carmela Veneziani

Materials for teaching harmonization in the twenty-first century, Christy Vogt

Cognitive and behavioral development of at risk infants and toddlers exposed to stressful life events: The effects of trauma in early childhood, Zachary E. Warren

Color, timbre, and resonance: Developments in Olivier Messiaen's use of percussion between 1956--1965, Deborah Welsh Ibanez

Hot head: Hyperthermia, the brain, and mechanisms of heat-induced neuronal damage, Michael G. White

The metafiction (and modernism) of Quiroga, Arlt and Onetti: Debunking the pre-boom lacuna, Lee Williams

Fractal analysis of ischemic stroke: From microscale to macroscale from simulation to laboratory experiments, Chunyan Wu

An annotated bibliography of unaccompanied violoncello repertoire published in the United States from 1990 to the present, Pin-I Wu

Applications of copula-based models in portfolio optimization, Yue Xu

A novel method for the simultaneous acquisition of auditory transient and steady state responses, Erdem Yavuz

Automatic sensor platform positioning and three-dimensional target modeling from underwater stereo sequences, Hongsheng Zhang

Ring of negative charge facilitates intracellular magnesium ions and polyamine block of BK channels through an electrostatic mechanism, Yaxia Zhang

Resistance against engraftment by MHC matched allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplant following reduced intensity conditioning: Requirement for donor CD80/86 co-stimulation to elicit T cell mediated barrier responses dependent on perforin and fas ligand, Zachary Franklin Zimmerman

Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Enhanced benefit finding in women with early-stage breast cancer: The mediational role of skill building and social functioning

Patterns of family and peer relations in drug-abusing African American and Hispanic adolescents, Elizabeth Alonso