Theses/Dissertations from 2004

David Maslanka's Symphony Number Three: A relational treatise on commissioning, composition, and performance, Brenton Franklin Alston

Electrochemistry of crown ether fullerenes, intermolecular signal communication, and electron transport at electrodes modified with 4,4'-bipyridinium dications, Robert John Alvarado

Process activity flow framework: The management of information technology in an extended software development environment, Ben A. Amaba

A repertoire of transactions in the herpes simplex virus type-1 genome, Mercedes E. Arana

Stephen Montague's "At the White Edge of Phrygia": A conductor's performance analysis, John Bannon

Genetic status of the Caribbean reef-building coral, Acropora palmata, Iliana Brigitta Baums

The effect of massed practice and somatosensory stimulation on upper extremity function and cortical plasticity in individuals with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury, Kristina Smith Beekhuizen

Complexation effects on novel catalyst and thiol-disulfide equilibrium, Lidia Strimbu Berbeci

The ethics of belief: A Kantian duty to humanity, Melissa A. Bergeron

Connecting the dots: A historical and political analysis of economic reform and its relationship to foreign investment and business in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Pamela E. Blackmon

National security decision-making in Ecuador The case of the war on drugs, Xavier Adrian Bonilla

George Crumb's use of percussion in "Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmos III)" (1974) and "Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death" (1968), Clarissa Borba

The effect of vestibular exercise on dynamic visual acuity and reading acuity in children with sensorineural hearing impairment and vestibular hypofunction, Jennifer Jean Braswell

Bahamian womanspeak: The Caribbean connection, Marjorie Brooks-Jones

Queueing networks in discrete-time: Exact results and approximations, Carlos E. Canas

Skin tone and perceptions of discrimination among African Americans: Evidence from the multi-city study of urban inequality, Katrina Carter-Tellison

The impact of distance learning on interpersonal communication satisfaction: A comparison of online and face-to-face community college classrooms, Denise Marcella Casey

Fluorescent coatings for chemical sensing, Mabel Alamino Cejas

Closing the loop of mechanical respiratory support for preterm infants, Nelson Claure

Surface immobilization of organophosphorus hydrolase for biosensor based spectroscopic detection of an organophosphorus derivative, Celeste A. Constantine

Mindfulness Meditation: A new tool for understanding and regulating musical performance anxiety An affective neuroscientific perspective, Maluh Guarino De Felice

Structure and function of pseudouridine synthases, Mark Del Campo

Comorbidity of learning disabilities, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and emotional and behavioral disorders in adolescents at risk for the development of emotional and behavioral disorders, Samantha Dietz

Control of microglial cell migration, Yuanli Duan

Comparison of lab based and solar reflectance based calibration of aureole camera, Hong Du

Re-covering modernism: Pulp modernism and the prejudice of form, David M. Earle

A traffic management framework for stream multicasting based on active networks, Gamal Abdel Ebrahim

Nation-states, intellectuals, and utopias in postcolonial fiction, Ali Erritouni

Facing new realities: Experiences of Middle Eastern women during and following mycocardial infarction, Nasrat Esbai

Relationship among school characteristics, principal's characteristics and leadership style, and achievement, Lorna A. Escoffery

Death receptor 3 (TNFR-SF25) delivers a late-acting costimulatory signal for Th2 cytokine production during the development of allergic asthma, Lei Fang

Multicamera imaging for three-dimensional mapping and positioning: Stereo and panoramic conical views, Pezhman Firoozfam

Digital processing and communication at the molecular level, Silvia Giordani

Angiographic quantification of gene therapy induced angiogenesis, Matthew J. Gounis

Muc1/sec: A Secreted Alternative Splice Variant Of Muc1 That Promotes Tumor Immunity, Joseph Frank Grosso

Tescalcin, a novel protein with a single calcium-binding EF-hand, Christina Gutierrez-Ford

Behavioral ecology and conservation of a neotropical wood-quail, Odontophorus leucolaemus, Amanda Marie Hale

Facilitation of allogeneic hematopoietic engraftment by donor CD4+CD25+ T cells, Alan Menahem Hanash

Study of the Gulf Stream-Slopewater system, Angelique C. Haza

Everbody's folk: Representations of southern black culture in nineteenth-century ethnography and literature, Joanne Hyppolite

Comparing the predictive power of field survey and multithermal spectral imager (MTI) remote-sensed environmental data for the identification of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) aquatic larval habitats in Kisumu and Malindi, Kenya, Benjamin George Jacob

Algorithms and software for automated seizure detection, Morgan Louis Johnson

Edward Kleinhammer: His musical training, career, and impact, David John Kassler

Community ecology of gorgonians and population modeling of Pseudopterogorgia acerosa in Biscayne Bay, Florida, Louis Edward Kaufman

An investigation of differences in strength, power and functional capacity in a sample of resistance-trained versus untrained subjects, 18 to 80 years old, Lani Kempner

Cloud forcing in Arctic polynyas: Climatology, parameterization, and modeling, Erica Key

Quantification, speciation, and impact of arsenic leaching from in-service and disposed CCA-treated wood on the environment, Bernine Isha Khan

Species analysis of copepod nauplii in Florida Bay using molecular techniques, Traci L. Kiesling

Predicted versus measured maximum stimulation levels in the nucleus 24 cochlear implant, John Everett King Iii.

The effect of Medicare health care delivery systems on cancer outcomes, Robert S. Kirsner

A model of dysmetabolic syndrome X in an ethnically diverse community sample of healthy men and women, Johanna Rivers Klaus

alpha-Aminoorganostannanes to alpha-aminoorganolithiums: Kinetic, mechanistic and structural studies, Rosalyn Klein

Victims of violence: Male and female heroin users, Dixie Jasun Koo

Effectiveness of foreign assistance in Central America: The case of Hurricane Mitch, Anna Louise Krift

The political response of Soviet Republican leaders to the challenge of nationalism, Peter A. Lambert

Towards an erotics of hybridity: Bodies at the crossroads of a nation, Prudence C. Layne

A comparison of selected editions of Johann Sebastian Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite Number Six in D Major BWV 1012 transcribed for the viola, Joong-Oh Lee

An annotated bibliography of advanced-level solo repertoire written for the Disklavier, Seungah Jang Lee

Violence as a global health challenge: A case analysis of Jamaica using an interdisciplinary approach, Glendene Anthea Lemard

Atomic force microscopy study of the integrin alpha 5beta1 and fibronectin interaction, Feiya Li

Identification of RCP interactive domain in CLR and its role in calcitonin gene-related peptide signaling, Sophie C. Loiseau

A content analysis of reading in textbooks for preservice teachers, Jennifer Lones

Tropical cyclone rainfall: An observational and numerical study of the structure and governing physical processes, Manuel Lonfat

Early Confucian ethics and moral sentimentalism, Shirong Luo

Billfish larvae of the Straits of Florida, Stacy Ann Luthy

The relationship between personality pathology and HIV-risk in a sample of mentally ill adults, Ligia Maria Martinez-Baptista

Development and validation of a multi-segment computerized model for children's overhand throw, Juan Roberto Martinez

A musical analysis of the compositions of Matyas Seiber for clarinet, Dawn Marie Mcconkie

An educator's guide to teaching beginning oboe students, Douglas Mead

The Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD) as predictor of HAART medicine adherence in HIV+ patients, Sarah Elizabeth Meagher

The effects of cognitive strategy instruction on the mathematical problem solving of students with spina bifida, Judith L. Mesler

Social anxiety in school-age children with asthma: Application of the disability-stress-coping model of adjustment, Karen Bearman Miller

Legislating sustainable development Costa Rican style, Michael J. Miller

The effects of left-hand exercises on beginning upper string performers' intonation and facility, Jeannine Mongeon

Molecular capsule and redox effects of encapsulated guests, Kwangyul Moon

Space geodetic studies of crustal deformation in subduction zones: The Central Andes and Costa Rica, Edmundo O. Norabuena

Acoustic wave scattering from random porous media, Keiichi Ohkawa

Synthesis and electrochemistry of films incorporating bipyridinium and tetrathiafulvalene building blocks, Eden Joy Pacsial

The measurement of central nervous system peptides via chronic microdialysis as a function of social environment in the WHHL rabbit, Jamespaul Paredes

Laszlo Varga: Pedagogy, history, and legacy, Hyun Young Park

Factors predictive of insulin resistance syndrome in Hispanic children, Anna Maria Patino

Relation of personal boundaries to communication style among urban firefighters, Shara Toursh Pavlow

Investigation of connexin 43 expression in response to estrogen and discovery of novel promoters and exons in the connexin 43 gene, Ingrid Pfeifer

The politics of human rights in Brazil: Imposition of norms from without or innovation from within?, Manuela Lavinas Picq

Miami's municipal diplomacy: Applying an evaluation model to the foreign affairs activities of a transnational city, Andrew Bell Pierce

Fuzzy approach for the analysis of rotor bearing systems, Yazhao Qiu

Perspectives on belting and belting pedagogy: A comparison of teachers of classical voice students, teachers of nonclassical voice students, and music theater singers, Frank Wayne Ragsdale

Biogeography and diversity of reef corals of the eastern Pacific and western Atlantic, Hector Reyes Bonilla

Conquest and restoration: United States policy on the restitution of personal assets from the Holocaust, a constructivist view, Gregg J. Rickman

Understanding family acculturation processes and their role in Hispanic youth behavior problems, Jessica Marlene Rios

Pricing and capacity allocation in multi-national firms with product substitution, tax and exchange rate externalities, Eduard Ron

Opinions of members of the United States House of Representatives regarding national tests for 9th through 12th grade students, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Subclinical biobehavioral factors, adherence to diabetes self-care, and glycemic control in Type 1 diabetes mellitus, Anna Rusiewicz

The Haitian community of Miami-Dade County: A cross-sectional study of needs, access and utilization of health services, Gilbert Saint-Jean

Study of rigid alpha-aminoorganolithiums: I Addition of S,N-acetals to aldehydes II Solution structure of alpha-aminoorganostannanes and 1-azaallylic anion on reactions with chiral lithium amides, Marcelina Santiago

Reproductive consequences of mutation in long-lived plants, Douglas Glen Scofield

Anger experience in violent and non-violent male offenders, Stephen D. Scott

Americanization: The immigrant's bridge to assimilation, Annis North Shaver

The fat black woman's unruly political body, Andrea Elizabeth Shaw

Maltreatment severity and attributional style as predictors of depressive symptoms in maltreated children, Nicole Hallie Shiloff