Theses/Dissertations from 2004

Opportunity found in contingency: The innovations of Joseph Addison's literary journalism, 1709--1716, Gail Shivel

Literary movements and black leadership: The connections between Indigenisme, Pan-Africanism, Garveyism, Harlem Renaissance, and Negritude, in the writings of selected leaders, Kersuze Simeon

Psychosocial predictors of five-year recurrence in a sample of early stage breast cancer patients, Roselyn Gayle Smith

TGF-beta regulation of Muc4/SMC in the mammary epithelial cell, Pedro Soto

The role of Pumilio genes in maintenance and self-renewal of hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors, Danislav Stefanov Spassov

Studies on the two smallest subunits of DNA polymerase epsilon, and a DNA replication origin binding protein in fission yeast, Maria-Grazia Spiga

Hearts knit together: Models of friendship in the novels of Charles Williams, Claudia Kramer Springer

Promiscuity and sperm competition in Muscovy ducks, Cairina moschata, Sarah M. Stai

Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases in vertebrate axon outgrowth, Laurie Stepanek

Ecology of early stage yellowtail flounder (Limanda ferruginea) on the New York Bight continental shelf: Responses to anthropogenic and climate-induced change, Mark Christopher Sullivan

Register preferences in the academic writing of African-American students, Anna Feld Syrquin

Stylistic analysis of two influential salsa bassists: Eddie "Gua-gua" Rivera and Salvador Cuevas, Douglas Tejada

Development of cell-based systems for examination of cis- and trans-functions in replication of positive strand RNA viruses, Ha M. Truong

Nicaragua: Foreign direct investment in the neoliberal era, Mauricio J. Tunnermann-Rivas

Ethnic disparities in infant mortality and low birth weight in Florida, Susan Brunner Uhlhorn

Altered mechanisms of signaling and transcription factor regulation in aged B cell development, Elaine Van Der Put

Contributions of temperament and joint attention to social competence, externalizing, and internalizing behavior in normally developing children, Amy Elizabeth Vaughan

Investigation of troponin T mutations causing dilated cardiomyopathy in both the fetal and adult troponin isoforms, Gayathri Venkatraman

Predicting the persistence of information technology students, Richard White

The role of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Orb6p in cell morphogenesis and cell cycle regulation, David J. Wiley

Altered B Cell Development In Aging, Emily Anne Wilson

The impact of school socioenvironmental factors on cardiovascular risk in a multiethnic sample of adolescents, Jocelyn Winzer

Contributions of molecular binding events and cellular compliance to the modulation of leukocyte adhesion, Ewa P. Wojcikiewicz

Modeling, analysis, and optimization of mechanical tolerances in design and manufacturing using fuzzy and interval methods, Weidong Wu

Language, truth, and the Liar, Kiriake Xerohemona

China and constructivism, Feng Xiao

Syntheses and characterization of diruthenium metallaynes and charge mobility therein, Guolin Xu

Physical signals and solute transport in cartilaginous tissues, Hai Yao

Cellular and respiratory effects of aerosolized red tide toxins (brevetoxins), Julia Zaias

Bi-directional reflectance studies of prepared compact particulate surfaces, Hao Zhang

Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Confidence measures as a search guide in speech recognition, Sherif Mahdy Abdou

The uses and gratifications of the Internet among Arab students in Egypt, Rasha A. Abdulla

A retrospective study of students at risk for emotional and/or behavioral disorders, Suzette Michelle Ahwee

Violencia, raza, mito e historia en la literatura del Caribe colombiano, Ligia S. Aldana

Coping and self care of incarcerated male first time and multiple offenders, Millicent Faye Alexander

La politica de seguridad nacional del presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari frente al conflicto indigena en Chiapas en 1993, Alejandro Alvarado-Bremer

Ostracods, stable isotopes (delta(18)oxygen and delta(13)carbon and the paleoecological reconstruction of coastal and lacustrine environments in Florida over decadal and millennial time scales, Carlos Andres Alvarez Zarikian

The relationship between substance use and HIV health status, Neal Andrew Baker

Lidar measurements of marine aerosols with improved analysis techniques, David Earl Bates

The reliability and validity of the vestibular autorotation test (VAT) in a clinical sample of subjects with complaints of dizziness, Philip J. Blatt

Scleractinian coral diseases in south Florida and Dominica (West Indies): Epizootiology and effects on host tissue structure and reproduction, Jill L. Borger

An annotated bibliography of American vocal chamber music for solo voice, piano, and one to seven other instruments written and published since 1990, Kristie Renee Born

Limits and contributing mechanisms for big single-channel currents in BK channels, Tinatin I. Brelidze

Reforming America and its men: Radical social reform and the ethics of antebellum manhood, James Robert Britton

Walking a tightrope: Living with your child's congenital heart disease, Pamela Ann Brown

Desperately seeking feedback: A model of feedback-seeking based on the leader-member exchange and communication antecedents, Kristen Lyn Campbell

Langmuir, Langmuir-Blodgett and layer-by-layer ultra-thin film properties of amphiphilic molecules and organophosphorus hydrolase (OPH), and the OPH thin film bioassay of an organophosphorus compound (paraoxon), Xihui Cao

Ecuador and the international adventures of neoliberalism, Raul Carrera

Cnidarian fluorescent proteins, Robert William Carter Iii.

Characterization of the regulation of mitochondrial events during apoptosis, Enrique Cepero

Subjectivity in literature and cinema: Alain Resnais's collaborations with three modernist novelists, Crissa-Jean M. Chappell

Protein tyrosine phosphatase signaling in axon growth, Bo Chen

A comparative study of English language learners reading storybooks in traditional print and digital formats, Lina Lopez Chiappone

On the processes that control sea surface temperature variability in the eastern tropical Pacific, M Pilar Cornejo R. De Grunauer

A comparative study of those who compensate or fail to compensate after anterior cruciate ligament injury, Carol Ann Courtney

Polymorphism of T cell receptor alpha chain constant domains, Michael Frederick Criscitiello

Voices from the middle: At-risk readers in an urban middle schools, Peggy Dickinson Cuevas

The crime of womanhood: Ambivalent intersections of sentiment and law in nineteenth-century American culture, Jeanne Elders Dewaard

Self-concept, depression, behavior, and achievement of at risk and not at risk adolescents for emotional and behavioral disorders, Suzanne Diamond

Signals regulating neurite growth, Anastasia Dimitropoulou

Eating disorders among female athletes: The role of feminist orientation and coaching messages, Gretchen Louise Doninger

The application of the biomedical model and computer technology in decision-making mental care diagnosis and treatment, Maritza Colarte Flores

The effects of music experience during early childhood on the development of linguistic and non-linguistic skills, Joy Ann Galliford

Dialogos con la censura: El enantiomorfismo teatral durante el franquismo, Omar A. Garcia

Parental monitoring of children exposed to community violence: Predicting externalizing behaviors, Alissa R. Glickman

Reframing, family defensiveness/supportiveness and treatment dropout in brief strategic/structural family therapy, Carlos Jorge Gomez

Acculturative context, family functioning, and adjustment in Hispanic adolescent girls, Alina Beatriz Gonzalez-Soldevilla

George Roberts (b 1928): Mr Bass Trombone, Craig R. Gosnell

Weaving in and out of Africa: Gide's entanglements in "L'Immoraliste", "Les Faux-monnayeurs", "Voyage au Congo", and "Thesee", Paulette S. Hacker

The Muse in Arms: A composition for baritone and soprano soloists, chorus, and chamber orchestra, Daniel Jesse Hall

African American learners and six-hour emotional disturbance: Investigating the roles of context, perception, and worldview in the overrepresentation phenomenon, Juliet Earle Hart

A data mining and semantic Web framework for building a Web-based recommender system, Choochart Haruechaiyasak

Modeling indoor pollutant exposures under different ventilation schemes, Guoqing He

Analysis and modeling of click and chirp evoked auditory steady state responses, Yuce Hekimoglu

The use of the Internet within the college search process of high school juniors and seniors, Patricia E. Heydet-Kirsch

Application of seismic data for improving paleoceanographic models in the California Borderland basins: Results from ODP Leg 167 drilling, Aleksandra Janik

The culture of national security in Slovakia, 1993 to 1998: The relationship among norms, identity and national security, Eva Strelka Jenkins

Spatial analyses of a neotropical beetle: Cephaloleia fenestrata, Derek Marley Johnson

Performance, uncertainties, and management implications of dart tags on red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) and red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), Christopher David Jones

The dynamics of diatom blooms and silicon cycling in coastal waters of the southwestern Florida Shelf and northwestern Florida Bay, Jennifer Lee Jurado

Seed dispersal by bats and the population dynamics of a canopy tree, Calophyllum brasiliense (Clusiaceae), in an Amazonian river meander forest, Rachel Tamsen King

Involvement of mitochondria in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Ilias G. Kirkinezos

Mathematics anxiety and learned helplessness, Joseph Franke Kolacinski

Population dynamics and invasion rate of an invasive, tropical understory shrub, Ardisia elliptica, Anthony Louis Koop

Rho GTPases regulate prostate cancer cell proliferation, Selena Knight Krajewski

A survey of Rene Touzet's piano compositions, Maria Eugenia Letona

Toward an aesthetics of adaptation: From text to film in Proust and Duras, Corinne Lhermitte

Regulation of inhibitor of apoptosis proteins after traumatic brain injury, George Lotocki

Spectral reflectance of carbonate sediments and application to remote sensing classification of benthic habitats, Eric Michael Louchard

Role of maximum phonation time in predicting voice outcome in patients with unilateral vocal fold paralysis undergoing medialization thyroplasty, Donna S. Lundy

Intensity-modulated radiation therapy inverse planning algorithm: Minimize the negative beams from iterating the dose voxels, Chunsong Luo

Cancer incidence and general mortality in a cohort of Florida firefighters, Fangchao Ma

Tupi or not tupi: La representation de l'homme sauvage dans trois recits de voyages francais au Bresil (1600--1750), Sandra Pierrette Marchand-Horcel

Marital conflict and aggression, children's aggressive schemas, and child maladjustment: An investigation with clinic-referred families, Nicole Eldridge Marcus

Political corruption in Japan: A study of the theory, causes and effects with particular reference to the Yakuza factor in banking scandals and prolonged recession, Eric Thomas Messersmith

Alternative methods of resolving hand and wrist pain in woodwind players, Teresa Lynn Mitchell

Characterization of the gene for the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptor component protein (RCP), and generation of RCP +/- embryonic stem cells, Laila Omar Mnayer

Characterization and source apportionment of the coarse-mode fraction of settled dust in a public school classroom, Naomi S. Montague

Making places/haciendo lugares: Generational traumas in contemporary Cuban-American literature, Rafael Miguel Montes

Struggling for dignity and respect: Patients' beliefs of their rights while hospitalized in an acute care facility, Elizabeth Jane Murray