Theses/Dissertations from 2003

Molecular mechanism of recombination in herpes simplex virus type-1, Amitabh Vijay Nimonkar

History, monuments, and canonicity after the Vietnam War, John Fitzgerald O'hara

"I wanted to do something for the country": Experiences of military nurses in World War II, Teresa M. O'neill

Scientific research productivity and university modernization in Mexico and Argentina, Mauricio E. Osegueda

Signaling pathways involved in myometrial inhibition by CGRP, Cristina Otrocol

Up-regulation of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in T lymphocytes of mammary tumor-bearing mice: Role of tumor-associated factors, Jennifer Leigh Owen

Jazz saxophone and trumpet improvisations transcribed and annotated for double bass, William Walker Pace

The United States foreign policy making process towards Colombia during the administration of Ernesto Samper Pizano (1994--1998): The certification decisions, Diana Maria Pardo

Client-therapist ethnicity and gender matching as predictors of length of treatment and goal completion at a practicum training clinic, Elizabeth Louise Parker-Sloat

A comparison of mathematics achievement by gender, socio-economic status, and ethnicity in departmentalized and self-contained elementary school organizational structures, Kamela Kay Patton

"A man chosen by God": The office of Archbishop in Novgorod, Russia (1165--1478), Michael Christopher Paul

Modulation and short-term plasticity of disynaptic reciprocal Ia inhibition, Monica Alicia Perez

In search of a theoretical framework: Truck leasing and transportation under the North American Free Trade Agreement, in a constructivist view, Frederick V. Perry

Ethnic differences in HIV risk among female commercial sex workers in Guyana: A case-control study, Navindra Etwaroo Persaud

Making sense of September 11, Vida M. Petronis

Biocompatible cell platforms for the study of electrically evoked neurotransmitter secretion from long-term microcultures, Alberto Pinzon

Lyric warriors, lyric women: Gendering Petrarchism in early modern England, Melanie E. Pitts

Joint attention skill as a measure of social cognitive understanding and its contribution to the emergence of symbolic play capabilities in the second year, Yuly Borroto Pomares

A comparison of breeding season and fall songs and song-related behaviors of northern mockingbirds (Mimus polyglottos) in southern Florida, Albert Michael Pooth

Predictors of progression to AIDS and AIDS-related death among HIV infected women, Jonell Efantis Potter

Intentionality in nursing: A foundational inquiry, Marguerite J. Purnell

Mechanism by which the beta1 subunit modulates the gating of BK channels, Xiang Qian

Physical therapy diagnosis using models of disablement represented by impairment variables predicting performance of six-minute walk test, a measure of activity limitation, in individuals with lower limb amputation, Michele Alexandria Raya

The development and testing of an instrument to assess pain, Kandyce Marlene Richards

The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in Florida: Conservation issues and population modeling, Paul Merton Richards

Application of affine transformation to autoradiographic image compression using an artificial neural network, Panomkhawn Riyamongkol

Probing the wound: Re-membering the traumatic landscape of Caribbean literary histories, Kim Dismont Robinson

Written, oral, and physical resistance during the colonial period, Clinia Mabell Saffi

Adult attachment, intimacy processes, and caregiving in everyday interactions between romantic partners, Amy Robin Schaffer

Phosphorus availability and plant density alter facultatively mycotrophic plant species responses to arbuscular mycorrhizas, Michelle Shawn Schroeder

Learning style differences among undergraduate students: Implications for teaching and research, Louise Driscoll Sevilla

Pre-service teacher preparation for managing behavior problems in the general education classroom, Alison C. Shook

Hyaluronan (ha)-Cd44 Interactions With Ankyrin And Rho Kinase (rok) Regulate Ip3 Receptor-Mediated Calcium Ion Signaling And Endothelial Cell Function, Patrick A. Singleton

Gender differences in adolescents' adjustment in remarried and recoupled families, Lauren L. Singleton-Winston

The Southern Brazilian Shelf buoyancy-driven currents, Ivan Dias Soares

A study of the technical aspects of the French school of violin playing as exemplified in the works of Baillot, Kreutzer, and Rode, Lisa Sohn

The relationship between degrees of poverty and student achievement, Linda Ruth Sorhaindo

A review of sight-reading research and methodologies with implications for saxophone pedagogy, Angela Beth Space

Laser direct write optical waveguides for optical interconnection and optical isolation, Namkhun Srisanit

Photochemistry and structure of environmental macromolecules, Erik Robert Stabenau

Keith Jarrett's up-tempo jazz trio playing: Transcription and analysis of performances of "Just In Time", Phillip Michael Strange

The structural and enzymatic basis of processivity in lambda exonuclease, Krithika Subramanian

The activation of N-heterocyclic thiols and disulfides by Group VI organometallic complexes: A kinetic and thermodynamic study, Kengkaj Sukcharoenphon

A predictive model for patient length of stay at a teaching hospital, Sakesun Suthummanon

When two wrongs make a right: Analysis of the legality of countermeasures under international law and their use as unilateral remedies in response to violations of international environmental obligations of states, Hjortur Bragi Sverrisson

The contribution of mitochondrial calcium uptake to phasic and asynchronous release at the lizard motor nerve synapse and the effect of varying external calcium, Janet Dixon Talbot

A study and performance guide to George Rochberg's "Summer, 1990" (Piano Trio No 3), Joseph Talleda

Descodificacion de las practicas discursivas en la obra poetica y narrativa de Ester de Izaguirre y Loreina Santos Silva, Rosa Tezanos-Pinto

Ecological consequences and population changes from intensive fishing of a shallow-water mollusc, Strombus gigas: A site study of Parque Nacional del Este, Dominican Republic, Ruben Elias Torres

Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press: Too much room to write?, June Lori Turner-Piscitelli

Aspects of the population dynamics, stock assessment, and fishery management strategies of the queen conch, Strombus gigas, in the Caribbean, Monica Valle-Esquivel

Disclosure to school-age children infected with HIV: Effects of acculturation, health attitudes and beliefs, coping styles, and social support in caregiver decision making, Elizabeth Ann Vazquez

Development of the Reaction dimension of the Traumatic Injury & Psychophysiological Stress Inventory (TIPSI), David Edward Victorson

The Mexican Revolution in Taxco de Alarcon, 1920--1924: Hidden but not forgotten, Maria-Mercedes Vigon

Regulation of cyclin D1 expression and G1 phase cell cycle progression by ERK and PI3K signaling pathways, Jessie Villanueva

Regulation of striated muscle contraction: Effects of cross-bridge kinetics on calcium(2+) binding to troponin C, Ying Wang

A tale of two families: The metzincins and their native inhibitors TIMPs, Shuo Wei

The effects of music attention and music imagery on mood and salivary cortisol following a speech stress task, Therese Marie West

Kinetic and mechanistic studies of the hydroxyl radical-initiated oxidation of reduced sulfides, Margaret B. Williams

On the heat budget of the Arabian Sea, Deanna Marie Wilson-Diaz

City of children: Boys, girls, family and state in imperial Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Erica Melissa Windler

The relationship between personality type and instrument played in undergraduate music majors, Amy Robinson Witherow

A novel type of G protein heterodimer: The Gbeta5-RGS complex, Dennis Scott Witherow

1,25(dihydroxy) vitamin D(3)-mediated growth inhibition of prostate cancer cells, Eddy Shih-Hsin Yang

Self-organization and resource management in distributed sensor networks, Jinsong Zhang

Intermolecular forces of leukocyte adhesion bonds, Xiaohui Zhang

An exploration of supervisor-subordinate agreement on leader-member exchange, Xiaohua Zhou

Xenopus Arh, A Localized Maternal Rna, Encodes An Adaptor Protein Involved In Receptor Mediated Endocytosis, Yi Zhou

An analysis of peak power, ground reaction force and velocity during the squat exercise performed at different loads, Attila J. Zink

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Predictors of nocturnal blood pressure blunting in adolescents, Leslie Anne Alhanati

Comparisons between lesbian and non-lesbian women diagnosed with breast cancer, Patricia Lobo Arena

A survey of the sacred choral works of William James Mathias (1934--1992) with an analysis of selected works, Carl Philip Ashley

Triangulation, interpretation, and first-person authority: An essay on the philosophy of Donald Davidson, Eivind Balsvik

Early reading acquisition: Perceptions and interactions of Haitian American, Jamaican American, and Cuban American families, Lydia Cohen Barza

High school athletics and academics: Exploring the path from participation to achievement, Lorrine Rene Basinger-Fleischman

Expectations for coherent probabilities, John Eric Beam

Population dynamics and biodiversity of small mammals in treefall gaps within an Amazonian rainforest, Harald Beck

Cognitive bias and affect regulation as prospective predictors of depressive symptoms, Christopher Graham Beevers

Essays on underwriter short covering transactions in initial and seasoned public offerings of equity, Aijun Besio

A study of Laplacian surface maps from moments of activation to detect cardiovascular disease, Walter Grant Besio

The contemporary salon, Michael W. Betancourt

The effects of environmental stressors on the dynamics of three functional groups of algae in Thalassia testudinum habitats of Biscayne, Florida: A modeling approach, Patrick David Biber

DAXX stimulates the cellular stress protein response by activating the transactivation competence of heat shock transcription factor HSF1, Frank Boellmann

Identification of the Gbeta5-RGS protein complex in retina, Jorge Luis Cabrera

Perceptions of control, standards of beauty, body dissatisfaction and disordered eating behaviors among Hispanic women, Kaia Beth Calbeck

Identification of delta helicase as the bovine homologue of HUPF1: Demonstration of an interaction with the third subunit of DNA polymerase delta, Louis Michael Carastro Jr.

Theory integration in criminology: An appraisal and a quantum proposal, Manuel Jesus Caro

Cellular changes at the injury site and beyond in response to a moderate contusion to the adult rat spinal cord, Gizelda Tardin Casella

Choral accompanying: Identification and effective use of important skills and attributes in choral rehearsal, Anita L. Castiglione

Catalog and analysis of adult piano method books published in America from 1980 to 2001, Pui Man Chan

Cloning, purification and characterization, and biological function of the Escherichia coli exoribonuclease RNase R, Zhuanfen Cheng

Factors influencing teachers' decisions to refer students to special education, Elizabeth Dara Cramer

Emotional expression and psychological and physical well-being among early-stage breast cancer patients, Jenifer L. Culver

A performer's guide to the piano sonatas by Carl Vine, Hanna Dorota Cyba

Emotional status and social support relations to immune status in women co-infected with HIV and HPV: Preliminary evidence for beneficial psychosocial effects of a CBSM intervention tailored for this population, Aimee Louise Danielson

A comparison study of factors that discriminate juvenile delinquents who are violent towards parental figures and non-domestically violent juvenile delinquents, Karen T. Dann

Cerebrovascular consequences of common carotid artery thrombosis, Gary Howard Danton

Examining executive subsystem attendance patterns and treatment outcome with Hispanic families, Carmenchu M. Dominicis

c-Jun n-terminal kinase activity protects cardiac myocytes from reoxygenation-mediated apoptosis, Christopher James Dougherty

A discussion and analysis of "Samuel Barber: Ten Early Songs", Andrea Jane Ehrenreich