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This paper presents results of an analysis of the labor supply response of 20-year families in the Denver Income Maintenance Experiment. The results indicate that 20-year husbands and wives do not reduce their labor supply relative to control families while 20-year single female heads of families reduce their labor supply by about the same amount as similar families on the 3- and 5-year programs. The results suggest that the limited duration of the 3- and 5-year experiments may not have caused major biases in the estimated treatment effects, although the imprecise estimates resulting from the small sample sizes of the 20-year experiment greatly qualify this conclusion.


The following article appeared in The Review of Economics and Statistics 66:3 (August 1984) Pages: 491-495. The Review of Economics and Statistics © 1984 The MIT Press. The original publication is available at The Review of Economics and Statistics homepage can be found at