Document Type


Publication Date

Fall 2017

Student Contributors

Alejandra Jimenez, Ashley Nettles, Conor Mackey, Elle Knowlton, George Potter, Isabella Antonini, Isabella Campbell, Jack Sheitlman, Jacqueline Way, Jennifer Blanco, Jordyn Savy, Kelsey Drevyn, Kimberly Dargan, Luiza Kinzerska-Martinez, Morgan Henry, Rachel Abrams, Thalia Garcia, Trinidad Peraza, Zac Goodwin,

Faculty Advisors

Joshua Schriftman, Adina Sanchez-Garcia, Susan Leary,


A special thank you to the women at the Homestead Correctional Instutition who agreed to take part in our Exchange for Change as well as to the members of WeCount! who were willing to share their stories with us. Many thanks to Joshua Schriftman for putting together the Exchange for Change program for his students this semester. He helped all the students to work together and made sure they had everything they needed to succeed. Thank you to Susan Leary for encouraging her students to send in work and to Adina Sanchez-Garcia for organizing the student work in the Audley Webster category.


"The students at the University of Miami have combined their stories with those of marginalized groups within the country to learn more about themselves and the world they live in. They spoke to women from the Homestead Correctional Institution by taking part in the Exchange for Change program and communicated with undocumented farm workers in the area through WeCount.

The journal features submissions from students and their exchange partners in the form of excerpts from their exchange letters, as well as several collaborative stories that students wrote with the women of HCI. Students wrote reflections on their dinner with farm workers and bridged language and cultural barriers to learn more about a misunderstood group of people. This journal also includes work from the Audley Webster winners of the current year and submissions from English students in the upper-level Composition classes on a variety of subjects, showing yet another angle of the University of Miami student body.

The goal of this journal is to spark a passion for change in those who read it and those who contribute to it in the future, as these experiences have truly changed both the students and their partners in both exchanges. They emerged from their experience being able to look around differently, with new eyes and new perspectives. Hopefully, for you, it will do the same. "