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A special thank you to Val Stanley, Whitney Davis, and the women at Halle Place who agreed to take part in our exchange for change. Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank you to Joshua Schriftman and George Franklin for facilitating the Exchange for Change program with the prisoners at Everglades Correctional Institution. Further thanks to Joshua Schriftman for helping all the students work together and giving the students everything they needed to succeed. Thank you also to “Jason” for the cover art.


In Perspectives, a student-produced journal of student writing, University of Miami writers mix their stories with the stories of local individuals from marginalized groups to learn more about themselves, their community partners, and the world we share. Its editors hope the journal will spark a passion for change in those who read it and those who contribute to it.

In the first volume, students wrote with women incarcerated at the Homestead Correctional Institution and farmworkers from Homestead represented by the advocacy and educational group WeCount! For the second issue, which was devoted to the theme of social justice, students exchanged letters with writers incarcerated at the Everglades Correctional Institution and the women living at Halle Place, a West Palm residential facility for women reentering society.

Perspectives regularly includes work from students enrolled in upper-level Composition Program classes on a variety of subjects, offering another new angle of the University of Miami student body. All prison writing exchanges were facilitated by local prison education nonprofit Exchange for Change.


Student Contributors:

Nicholas Andrew, Olivia Dobrin, Alexandra Forman, Mykea Gray, Sabrina Marquis, Molly McHugh, Diana Mejia, Charlotte Mulica, Antuanet Rivera, Morgan Smith, Devon Temme, Andrea Vanegas Quintero, Paige Zirrith.

Faculty Advisors:

Joshua Schriftman

Editorial Board:

Paula Da Silva, Stephanie Perez, Sita Ramaswamy, Samantha Topchik, Kiptoo Lang’At.