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In November 2011 at the AAMC meeting, Dr. Kanter announced there had been over 120 responses to the question. Of those, 15 were selected for publication and an additional 15 appear in the online version of the journal. Seven responses were selected for presentation at the AAMC meeting in Denver. Dr. Moore shares her AAMC QOTY presentation


In January 2011, Dr. Steven Kanter, editor of the journal, Academic Medicine (the journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges), posed the “question of the year” to the readers of the journal. He wrote:

“A number of leaders in academic medicine have been calling for better alignment between medical education and health care needs. This call for reform can be heard around the world and across the continuum of medical education. For example, Skochelak1 identified “alignment [of medical education] with changes in the health care delivery system” as a major theme in her analysis of 15 reports that call for change in medical education. Ferry and Williamson2 focused on the alignment of medical education with the need for community-based primary care in New Zealand. Stevens et al.3 addressed the alignment of residency education with patient care. And Berwick and Finkelstein4 asked about changes in medical education that will “produce the largest gains in health.”

It is in this spirit that I invite responses to my 2011 Question of the Year: What improvements in medical education will lead to better health for individuals and populations?”