Libraries and Publishers Respond to Disaster with Groundbreaking Collaboration

Mary Moore PhD, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Suzetta Burrows MLS, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Maria Collins, National Library of Medicine
Nancy Roderer, Johns Hopkins University

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The earthquake in Haiti prompted significant response from both health care workers and health sciences libraries. Individual libraries in the U.S. and elsewhere struggled to determine the best ways to support relief workers with health information resources and services. This column describes the Haiti earthquake and the response of health care workers, one organization’s experience in delivering services on the frontlines, the response of one library and its struggles to make information resources available, and the Emergency Access Initiative (EAI), an effective solution to offering information resources in times of disaster developed and implemented by the National Library of Medicine in association with health sciences publishers. Since the Haiti earthquake, the EAI has once again been activated in support of Pakistan.