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This training focuses on establishing the platform for further learning by establishing common terminology and plain language for communications. However necessary, the topics in Basic 1 can be unexciting in comparison to some other aspects of disaster and emergency preparedness training, unless those topics are placed in a framework that makes them relevant and interesting.

After a basic introduction establishing disaster definitions, types of disasters and basic information such as the Stafford Act, a presentation of three examples of U.S. response for a case presentation framework to organize and present the course topics with relevant examples. These would include:

  1. 9/11, which is a perfect case for exploring the issues of spontaneous volunteers and donations, and which led to the establishment of the USA Patriot Act, NIMS, the Citizen Corps, and the MRC.
  2. Hurricane Katrina, the second case example, would explore the National Response Framework, role of government and the federal medical response, for better or worse.
  3. The Haiti earthquake will provide a great opportunity to discuss communications, the role of international NGOs, participation of people from the US in support of international response, voluntary organizations, and more. The management of mass casualties, mass fatalities would be addressed here.