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There is increased attention to examining cross-cultural mentoring due to increased internationalization of the firm and the rise of the Multinational Corporation (MNC). New contexts for mentoring relationships will require new theoretical lenses and a variety of research designs in the coming years. We provide an overview of the literature that touches on various aspects of Cross Cultural Mentoring Research (CCMR) and develop a framework to categorize emergent streams of research. These streams are the diversity/diversified mentoring perspective, the cross-cultural mentoring perspective, and the expatriate mentoring perspective. All three approaches examine cross-cultural mentoring; however, we develop an integrative framework that may help guide future research in these developing areas of inquiry. We provide examples of research that illustrate these three perspectives and develop an integrative approach that will facilitate new research questions. We discuss the breadth of research designs and approaches that might address these questions.


Presented at the 2010 Academy of Management Meetings, Montreal, Canada as part of the symposium, “Cross-Cultural Mentoring: Towards Conceptual Clarity and Understanding of International Relationships”