Structural Effects of Mentoring Relationships and Protege Career Outcomes

Terri A. Scandura PhD, University of Miami
Chester A. Schriesheim, University of Miami

Paper presented at the Careers Division of the Annual Academy of Management meeting. Las Vegas, Nevada (August 11, 1992)


The effects of having a mentor and levels of mentoring functions on the career outcomes reported by a sample of N-664 Certified Public Accountants were examined. In addition, structural characteristics of mentoring dyads (mentor hierarchical level, duration of the mentoring relationship, and lapse in mentoring) were proposed to have direct and possibly moderator effects with mentoring on protege career outcomes. Results indicated that structural characteristics are significantly associated protege career outcomes of Annual Salary, Promotions, Number of Direct Reports and Commitment to the Organization, and infrequently act as moderators. Implications for future research on mentoring are discussed.