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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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A. Manette Ansay

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Dolores Springs, New Mexico is a town Bobby Alvaro would rather forget. Still, when his childhood friend Randall Leyton dies in a tragic accident, Bobby comes home to face ghosts past and present. There, through multiple points of view, the novel charts the deteriorating marriage of Bobby’s brother, Jake, their mother’s affair with a troubled married man, and their father’s late reawakening to life and love. But when Bobby is outed to the community, he acts in a way that will change their lives forever. Dolores Springs is an examination of the American Dream, born of a harsh and beguiling landscape, and the story of a family told through the eyes of three generations. At the crossroads of choice and circumstance, this book confronts us with the confounding tenacity of hope—and the possibility of change.


New Mexico, Rural, Crime Novel, Coming of Age, Religion, Sexuality

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