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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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Maureen Seaton

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A. Manette Ansay

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Ed Pavlic


The following creative thesis tackles the generational effects of poverty, voicelessness, disability, rape and other abuse within a mixed race family/community, mostly focused in the Rust Belt/Appalachia. The language is very simple, so that un/under/differently educated, highly working-class, or unable-to-work people, will want and be able to read it. How the pieces are placed on the page is significant because of breath. I need the space to breathe and so do my readers. The negative space is what allows for this, but is also, ironically, referred to as white space. Ironic because the world represented here is literally dominated by white space(s). All bets are off. The reader should be prepared for lyric poetry, fictional prose poetry, short fiction, experimentation within all, and even some visual entertainment.


poverty; abuse; mixed race; Rust Belt; working-class; white space

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