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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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A. Manette Ansay

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Jaswinder Bolina

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Evelina Galang


Light Escapes Us: The lynchpin of these poems hinges around anecdotes of identity, provisional cultures, and a legacy of silence. Both the light that comes from within us and that same light which often escapes our grasp are stripped of their bushel: explored is one family’s immigration from their home in northern Japan where a great grandfather is imprisoned for writing a poem “See The Warhorse Cry”; the long legacy of silence that envelops his family even after escaping to America; three Japanese American girls facing the all-White reality of central Pennsylvania; reconnecting to the lost history of a man so ashamed of his indigenous heritage he burns all remnants and denounces tribal enrollment; dislocation, disassociation, and the disasters which plague varied familial histories are given consciousness and a voice. The Claws That Catch: On the night a young girl goes blind an eerie ferryman beckons her into a world of the fantastique to regain her sight. Fourteen-year-old Poppy is losing her uncontrollable battle with blindness; the only thing she can control, however, is her preparation for a series of tests which will determine whether or not she receives treatment. When she is denied treatment by the White Coats she is forced to gorge her way through a world of horrors to regain control of her sight and ultimately herself—a world where collectors tax body parts, and the consumption of monstrous creatures lends powers beyond imagination.


University; of; Miami; MFA; Creative; Thesis; 2016

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