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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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Chantel Acevedo

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Amina Gautier

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Kiese Laymon


The Odyssey Hotel is a novel told in two parts: “The Wet Season” and “The Dry Season.” “The Wet Season” opens in Managua, Nicaragua, a time of lushness and promise for the book’s two main characters. Sadie, an actress from Miami, goes to Managua to work on biopic about Puerto Rican baseball legend, Roberto Clemente, while Tina, a woman from Big Corn Island, goes to Managua to study ecotourism and work at The Odyssey Hotel. They fall in love, but the relationship has a tragic end. “The Dry Season” opens in Miami, and to Sadie’s surprise, the person who helps her the most through her loss is her father, Cesar. The film continues shooting a few months later, and Sadie decides to go back. First, though, she visits the Corn Islands, looking for answers about Tina’s death. While The Odyssey Hotel is a work of fiction, much of the material will come from history, which includes but is not limited to: the earthquake that leveled over 250 city blocks in Managua in 1972; the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN); Daniel Ortega, the current president who received training in guerrilla warfare from Fidel Castro’s government; and the legalization of homosexuality in Nicaragua in 2007.


The Odyssey Hotel; Managua; Nicaragua; Miami; Roberto Clemente

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