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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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Jaswinder Bolina

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Maureen Seaton

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Gema Pérez-Sánchez


This collection of poems engages the surrealism and magical realism of Latin and Caribbean culture, family ties, the inability to properly communicate, as well as growing older and exploring relationships in a rapid, technological atmosphere where information is digested in small, elusive pieces. The collection aims to paint a portrait of a life in both realistic and surrealistic terms through the lens of our modern age and by piecing together a personality via its past and the subconscious. The writing of Gabriel García Marquez and Isabel Allende constantly inspires my work, as does that of Eduardo Corral, Natalie Diaz, and David Berman. Pop culture, the media, and cinema (film noir, la Movida Española) greatly inspire me as well. A main idea in this series is that in Latin American culture, everything is sacred, which makes everything magical but real. The host at Church is devoured while the congregation thinks of it as Jesus's flesh; holy candles, statues, tokens, and coins are saved as precious, sacred objects; houses are said to be full of spirits and stuffed with every plane ticket, birthday card, and photo in existence because nothing can be thrown away if everything is sacred. In this culture, and subsequently in this collection, everything you touch is alive.


surrealism; magical realism; Caribbean; Latino poetry; Puerto Rico

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