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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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Jaswinder Bolina

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Maureen Seaton

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Joel Nickels


In A Theory of Birds, I seek to explore the entanglements between settler colonialism and species extinction. Within this manuscript, I was particularly interested in examining how designating certain ethnic groups or species as dangerous or disposable sets the precedent for enacting extractive violence; and what resistance at the level of language to both this naming and subsequent extermination can look like. It is estimated that species extinction now occurs at a rate 1,000 times faster than before human activity, due in particular to habitat destruction and human-caused climate change. It is estimated that 94% of Palestine was inhabited by Palestinians in 1946. It is estimated that Palestinians control about 15% of Palestine’s land today. It is estimated that 5 million Palestinians currently live in foreign refugee camps. It is estimated that the United States has bombed at least 14 majority-Muslim countries since 1980. I seek to explore the threads of these processes of destruction and loss and what stories become archived in the wake.


decolonial; Palestine; archive; classification; Species-Being; abolition

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