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Creative Thesis

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Master of Fine Arts



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Maureen Seaton

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Jaswinder Bolina

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Valerie Martinez


Bedtime Stories for the Unchild explores fragmented existences. The semi-heteronym and heteronyms of these poems struggle mainly with identity, minorities caught between language and the lack of community. They fight and fall in their relationships and in their solitude. They are undeniably female. They challenge gender roles, question the impact of socioeconomic status on their lives; and while blind and secular in their journey of life, they devoutly follow their religions. Heteronymity, as shown in this manuscript, and as portrayed in the works of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, blurs the lines between reality and fiction; pseudonyms, personality disorders, and true identities. Above all else, they obsess over answering one question: quem sou, who am I?


Fernando Pessoa; poems; heteronyms

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