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This dataset contains the results of a Readiness for Interprofessional Learnings Scale (RIPLS) pre-test and post-test that was administered in association with a health professions course in inter-professional education (IPE). Between 2016 and 2018, 251 surveys were collected from medical and nursing students at the University of Miami who participated in a one-day course on inter-professional education. All 251 participant surveys were entered into the data file. 245 surveys were complete and used in the study analysis. The survey is comprised of demographic questions, followed by 19 pre-test and 19 post-test questions assessing student perceptions of IPE. The excel spreadsheet is organized with each participant’s demographic data, as well as their RIPLS responses, which fall on a Likert scale (1-5). Each participant row includes all collected data for that participant. No individual respondent can be identified using this data.


The contents of the zip file:

- data: Combined-IPE.Data.2016.2017.2018.csv

- survey instrument:: RIPLS-Survey-by-Subscale.txt

- readme: README.txt