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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Studio Music and Jazz (Music)

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Gary Keller

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Gary Lindsay

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Martin Bejerano

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Reynaldo Sanchez


A jazz performer’s guide to selected genres of Venezuelan folk music was edited, providing a repertoire as well as performance guidelines. Selection of genres and repertoire was guided by a combination of suggestions from an expert panel and a review of related literature. Featured genres were gaita, joropo and Venezuelan merengue. The information provided in lead sheets and performance guidelines was based primarily on the transcription and analysis of selected repertoire. To avoid using copyrighted material, contrafact melodies were composed on the harmonic sequences of selected compositions, based on stylistic elements observed in the transcription process. Performance guidelines were directed to piano, bass and drum instrumentalists, and they are intended for musicians who have a basic understanding of jazz harmony, but are not familiar with traditional Venezuelan genres. A bibliography with books, articles and recordings is provided. Appendices include the full transcriptions of musical examples as well as information on the work of the expert panel.


Venezuelan music; jazz; Venezuelan merengue; gaita; joropo; Venezuelan repertoire