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The Study Guide for the Role of Lord Ruthven in Heinrich Marschner’s Der Vampyr is designed to thoroughly prepare the performance of Lord Ruthven and promote Heinrich Marschner’s composition beyond the fringes of the operatic repertory. A methodical search of dissertation titles, abstracts, and related studies reveals a lack of preparation, performance, or study guides for Lord Ruthven and other major, compelling characters in opera and music drama. The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed study for the role of Lord Ruthven in Heinrich Marschner’s opera, Der Vampyr. The researcher’s secondary purpose is for this guide to become a highly reproducible model for other worthy characters in the operatic repertory. This study is intended to aid the singer planning to perform Lord Ruthven, as well as the voice teacher, vocal coach, stage director, and conductor slotted to prepare and instruct the singer. This study will draw into focus what is arguably one of literature’s most beguiling protagonists.


Heinrich Marschner; Der Vampyr; study guide; Lord Ruthven; character sketch; libretto transcription