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This essay focuses on the performance considerations of the settings of Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer’s Rimas by Spanish nationalist composer Joaquín Turina. Chapter one provides a context for Turina’s work by surveying the state of Spanish music in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Chapter two explores the biographical context that shaped Bécquer’s Rimas and Turina’s compositional style. Chapter three describes the methodology used for the research and the structural overview. Chapter four provides a structural overview of Turina’s five settings of Bécquer’s Rimas. The final chapter discusses performance considerations of Turina’s settings, with the author’s suggestions for individual practice, rehearsal and interpretation. Appendices on Spanish diction and the author’s translation of Bécquer’s Rimas have been included as performance resources. It is the author’s hope that this essay serves as a catalyst for further exploration of Turina’s songs, as well as their inclusion as standard repertoire in vocal recitals.


Joaquin Turina; Gustavo Adolfo Becquer; Spanish Songs; Fernando Landeros.