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The purpose of this essay was to compile a selection of significant clarinet excerpts from wind band music. The excerpts were selected from a list of repertoire assembled by three seminal studies for wind band music. These studies include Acton Ostling Jr.’s “An Evaluation of Compositions for Wind Band According to Specific Criteria of Serious Artistic Merit” and its two subsequent updates by Jay Warren Gilbert and Clifford Towner. The studies generated a list of works based on surveys of prominent conductors in the wind band medium. The history and usage of the wind band differs significantly from that of the orchestra. In its beginning, the wind band existed only to create music for specific occasions and needs. In contrast, the orchestra had an exclusive relationship with the composer and its purpose was purely for music making and the creation of serious art. While the orchestra is a result of centuries of development, the wind band is relatively new. The instrumentation of wind band took many years to regulate and to transform into its modern incarnation. Today, the wind band has a standardized list of instruments and a substantial body of repertoire now considered to be of high artistic merit. In a university or conservatory setting, the ability to perform orchestral excerpts has a significant impact on a clarinetist’s collegiate career. Despite the focus on orchestral excerpts, most clarinetists pursuing music in higher education will perform wind band literature in their college career. While clarinetists are customarily required to own an orchestral book according to the standard curricula today, students are not required to study wind band literature. This essay is meant to provide the appropriate resources for the clarinetist wishing to pursue a career in a wind band, whether in a professional or collegiate ensemble.


clarinet; wind band; excerpt; wind ensemble; guide