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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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The purpose of this study is to explore selected writings for horn, voice, and piano, providing performance considerations for the hornist. This focus will be primarily on the interaction between the horn and the voice. Text, musical structure, and the use of the horn will be considered. The specific works explored in depth include Auf Dem Strom by Franz Schubert, Canticle III: Still Falls the Rain by Benjamin Britten and La Noche en la Isla by Donald Grantham. These three contrasting works represent different eras, different voice types, and pose different challenges for the hornist. The role of the horn varies, sometimes being an obbligato part and at other times an equal partner with the singer. Additionally, the character of the horn varies. Sometimes it takes on a more singing quality to match the vocalist, while at other times the horn is used for dramatic effect, such as the use of special/extended techniques to add a specific color to the texture. In the Auf Dem Strom, the horn takes on a vocal role, matching the color of the voice with which it is playing. In Canticle III: Still Falls the Rain and La Noche en la Isla, the horn writing is much more idiomatic and demanding of the performer. Lastly, a listing of works for horn, voice, and piano, compiled by the author, is included as part of the study. This extensive listing will serve as a reference for anyone interested in performing in this instrumentation.


horn; grantham; voice; britten; canticle; schubert

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