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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)


Modern Languages and Literatures (Arts and Sciences)

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Lillian Manzor

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Jean-François Lejeune


This study investigates the ways narrative, theatre, and performance art negotiate identities across Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the United States, and larger global contexts. I research how physical, social, and temporal spaces transform enactments and receptions of text and performance. Particularly, I investigate the effects of transnationality in works that represent queer subjectivities. I intervene in Queer Studies, expanding the notion of queer beyond sexuality to include nationality, race, and class. While identity politics emerges around fixed categories of identity, I argue that representations of subjectivity in transnational networks of production dissociate politicized identification from the rigid geographic and cultural boundaries of the nation-state. I introduce the concept of queer transnationality, which demands access to identification without ascribing the body to binary understandings of identity. I employ this concept to highlight the fluidity of all voluntary and involuntary identifications assumed or imposed by binary and hierarchical naming powers. By investigating the relationship between narrative, theatre, and performance art, I emphasize how each work plays on and against the separation of language and corporeality, and how Caribbean authors and artists redefine cultural and national belonging in multiple geographic spaces.


Transnational; Queer; Performance; Theatre; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Puerto Rico