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The standard clarinet repertoire includes compositions written mostly by Europeans and Americans. However, Latin American compositions have emerged significantly for the last 150 years. Many conservatories in the Caribbean islands, South and Central American countries have begun to include a substantial amount of Latin American compositions in repertoires for all instruments. The purpose of this essay is to provide clarinet performers and mentors in the United States and in the rest of the world with an organized catalogue of compositions written for clarinet and piano by Latin American composers as an addition to their standard repertoire. Many of the reviewed works are categorized according to different levels of performance. Such levels can be used in an approximate guide, comparable to technical levels of performance ranging from first year in college to graduate clarinet performance studies. When available, publisher information is provided for each work. As a personal and professional endeavor, a website complementary to the study will maintain an updated catalogue.


clarinet; latin american clarinet; clarinet music; latin american music; latin classical music; latin clarinet and piano