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Physics (Arts and Sciences)

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Joshua L. Cohn

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Fulin Zuo

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Sunxiang Huang

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Francisco M. Raymo


Experimental measurements of heat conduction in the low-dimensional antiferromagnetic compounds CuSb2O6 and BiCu2PO6 are presented for the range 0.5K≤T≤390K. Both compounds have magnetic exchange ( J) and Debye (θ_D) energies that are comparable. This distinguishes the present work from prior studies which have focused on the regime J≫θ_D. Individual crystals were characterized by x-ray diffraction to identify bicrystallinity, twinning and other defects. Thermal conductivity κ(T) for both the spin-½ chain compound (CuSb2O6) and the spin-½ two-leg ladder compound (BiCu2PO6) imply strong spin-phonon resonant scattering. Model fitting to the lattice component of the heat conductivity was employed to extract a characteristic energy scale for the magnetic excitations. Anisotropy was evident in κ of both compounds, possibly associated with heat conduction by the spin system. The magnetic mean free path inferred from the data are also presented and compared with those of other low-D spin systems.


Spin-Phonon coupling; Quantum magnets; heat transport; thermal conductivity; Antiferromagnetic; Low dimensional