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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)


Modern Languages and Literatures (Arts and Sciences)

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Eduardo Negueruela-Azarola

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Elena Grau-Lleveria

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Yvonne Gavela-Ramos

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Grace M. Barnes


This dissertation studies the teaching of visual and metaphorical representations as thinking tools in second language (L2) classrooms from a Sociocultural Theory (SCT) framework. It explores metaphorical representations in narrative and visual texts to advance the practice of appropriating new language abilities to produce a new text that is contextualized and meaningful to learners of Spanish as a Second Language. By providing L2 Learners early in the process with accessible conceptual and representational tools, they may gain a personally significant awareness of the richness of language and of the power of their communicative abilities beyond everyday interactions. Creative writing and digital storytelling as guided activities in L2 become the fertile grounds for the exploration of figurative language and multimodal expression of emotions and individual perceptions of the world. Based on the Arts-Informed Research model within the qualitative paradigm, this dissertation has supplementary audiovisual material presented as a documentary of the research and writing process.


Sociocultural Theory; Foreign and Second Language Teaching; Metaphor and Visualization; Digital Storytelling; Arts-Informed Research

Durán SP2015 (1417559 kB)
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