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Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Though it is not often viewed as a major player in the realm of jazz, the oboe has been consistently used in the genre for nearly a century. This project seeks to fill a gap in the broader scope of oboe literature by creating a curated historical overview of the oboe family in jazz, and a representative discography spanning this period. In addition, this document provides a valuable resource for aspiring oboists, teachers, and composers by identifying and discussing major performers in the field and their recorded work. Paul McCandless, Yoram Lachish, Jean-Luc Fillon, Charles Pillow, Mario Arcari, Yusef Lateef, Makanda Ken McIntyre, Bob Cooper, Romeo Penque, and Garvin Bushell are a few of the more prolific oboists included in this doctoral essay.


oboe; jazz oboe; english horn; oboe in jazz; paul mccandless; woodwind