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Music for trumpet has seen a great expansion over the past fifty years. The importance of this development to the trumpet and music world cannot be overstated. The purpose of this study is to explain the process of commissioning, collaborating, preparation, and performance of Fanfares for the Apocalypse by Ken Ueno. Fanfares for the Apocalypse, a concerto for trumpet and chamber ensemble was commissioned and premiered by the University of Miami’s Henry Mancini Institute at the Frost School of Music featuring Philippe Brunet as soloist. This essay will address the history of Fanfares for the Apocalypse including the process of commissioning, history of the composer, practice techniques and application of various extended trumpet techniques found in the concerto as well as a performance guide. It will also address the ways that this concerto is person specific in that it was composed with the specific skills and musical aura of the soloist in mind.


trumpet; concerto; extended; techniques; contemporary; music, multiphonics