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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Music Theory and Composition (Music)

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Dennis Kam

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Paul Wilson

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Terra Mirabilis is a three-movement musical composition for symphony orchestra with piano solo inspired by natural landscapes photographed by the composer. The three movement composition and its corresponding landscapes portray three times of a day: early morning (I. The Mists), evening (II. Oceanus), and late night (III. Nocturne). Each chapter is devoted to the discussion of one movement, wherein overall concept and form are addressed, followed by detailed analyses of harmonic structure, motivic and thematic development, orchestration, and representational elements. As a complement to the score and the text, a CD-R audio recording of orchestral mock-ups accompanies this dissertation.


Igor Stravinsky; Alexander Scriabin; Ottorino Respighi; Olivier Messiaen; Oceanus; Nocturne; Orchestral Mock-ups; Terra Mirabilis; Garritan Personal Orchestra; Sofia Tytar; Jean-Paul Sevilla; Jacques Bernier; Carpathian Folk Melody; Symbolic Use Of Orchestration; Programmatic Piece; Scott Routenberg; The Mists; Music Based On Composer's Images; Music Inspired By Landscapes; Representational Symphonic Work; Orchestra With Piano Solo; Music Inspired By Images