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Lecture Recital Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Keyboard Performance (Music)

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Ivan Davis

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J. Robert Floyd

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Paul Wilson

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Frank Cooper


The focus of this project is the performance of Sergei Rachmaninoff's Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39. The purpose is to provide interested performers with a clear understanding of the inner workings of these compositions and to address many problems of interpretation and technical challenges of the Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39. The author's goal is to offer creative interpretive explanations and technical solutions to the existing pianistic problems and to aid a performer in his/her approach to learning in order to create a credible and skillful performance. The study makes use of the multi-faceted opportunities that are appropriate to the lecture-recital format. In addition to the research presented in the script, the author incorporated a Power Point™ slide presentation (copies included with this document), audio excerpts from CD performances, live demonstrations on the piano, and a live performance of selected Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39 (all included on the DVD which supplements this document). The script includes a brief biographical sketch of Rachmaninoff, followed by the two research topics of performance practice, interpretive aspects and technical challenges. The Power Point™ presentation serves to enhance the content and to facilitate the explanations of some of the topics of the lecture. This is especially relevant when incorporating excerpts from music scores and examples of paintings. The CD audio excerpts and live demonstrations are intended to illustrate the details of the compositional and stylistic features and performance practice. Finally, the live performance of the Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39, and its audio/video documentation on DVD, confirms the study's research findings.


Rachmaninoff; Etudes-Tableaux Op. 39; Piano Performance