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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Ross Harbaugh

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Glenn Basham

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Dennis Kam

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Thomas Sleeper


The purpose of this essay is to provide detailed information and instruction on the fifteen orchestral excerpts for cello most requested at orchestral auditions. The chosen excerpts were selected by compiling a master list of orchestral excerpts from the audition lists of all the Symphony Orchestras in ICSOM, ordering the list by the frequency in which the excerpts appear on the lists. The essay prepares an applicant to perform these excerpts at an orchestral audition. In the audition, each excerpt demonstrates the applicant's ability in one main area so that upon completion of the audition process, the audition committee has a clear picture of all aspects of the applicants' playing. This essay describes each excerpt in terms of that main focus, as well as the technical and musical elements that must be considered as part of the preparation toward a polished performance.


Audition Advice; Orchestral Auditions; Auditions