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Considerable work has been geared toward creating music curricula at the university level. A significant number of such courses have often been developed with the intent of providing students with academic and practical knowledge of music. Within these courses, many have focused on European music. However, there are also many institutions that have designed courses in which students can participate in non-European performance seminars. One example of this is the emergence of Contemporary American Music seminars. It is in this context that this paper seeks to similarly contribute to the study of non-European music. This paper will explore the possibility of designing a course in which university students are provided the opportunity to learn about music from Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. This paper will serve as a blueprint to which music educators can refer. Instructors can then make any necessary adaptations to suit their needs. This paper will provide substantive information regarding the creation and evolution of some Caribbean musical traditions. This type of education would be beneficial to students who are seeking to expand their musical knowledge from performance and intellectual perspectives.


Caribbean; curriculum; university