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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)


Music Education and Music Therapy (Music)

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Carlos R. Abril

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The purpose of this study was to examine the process of music teacher change resulting from a long-term professional development program in popular music. Specifically, it sought to examine change in a general music teacher’s beliefs and practices over a three-year period. This study utilized a case study methodology informed by a pilot study with the same music teacher. Data were collected over four months in the form of observations, interviews, field notes, and artifacts. Analysis revealed five emergent themes: opportunity, ownership, teamwork, discipline, and bravery. The findings of this study provide support to extant research suggesting that meaningful and impactful professional development is (a) chosen by the teacher, (b) occurs over a sustained period of time, and (c) requires reflection by the teacher regarding his/her curricular beliefs and practices. This study offers a theory of teacher change through professional development and provides suggestions for educational settings.


teacher change; professional development; popular music; habitus; reflexivity; constructivism