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The purpose of this document is to provide oboists with a resource to study and perform texturally accurate transcriptions of two scenes from Richard Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier, Op. 59. The famous “Presentation of the Rose” and the “Final Trio” scenes from Der Rosenkavalier prominently feature the oboe, but very few oboists get the opportunity to perform them. By transcribing these scenes for chamber ensemble (flute, oboe, English horn, string quartet, contrabass, and voices), they can be performed on oboe recitals or university “opera scenes” concerts. The first three chapters state the justification for the study, review the literature used, and present a methodology for the remainder of the document. The fourth chapter discusses the transcription process and moments of interest in each scene. The fifth chapter contains recommendations for oboists preparing to perform these transcriptions. The sixth chapter contains the full score and oboe part to the “Presentation of the Rose” and “Final Trio” chamber transcriptions.


Richard Strauss; Transcription; Oboe; Rosenkavalier; Arrangement; Chamber