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Since the late 1800’s, trombonists worldwide have used various etude and method books as a way to craft and hone new skills on the instrument while expanding stylistic flexibility. Celebrated composer and Paris Conservatoire Professor Marcel Bitsch’s Quinze Études de Rythme pour Trombone has been one of the most trustworthy resources of its kind in the repertoire collection of collegiate trombonists, and there is currently no performance guide available for trombonists studying this work. Bitsch’s etudes for trombone demand not just rhythmic proficiency but other important skills, such as articulation, range, clef literacy, and musicality. This comprehensive study of five selected etudes by Bitsch is designed to serve both the trombone student and collegiate studio professor. As a result, the student can find solutions to common rhythmic, technical, and musical obstacles, while the teacher can use this practical method to engage all aspects of the student’s learning in a creative way within the context of the etudes.


Trombone; Marcel Bitsch; Paris Conservatoire; Etudes; Repertoire; Pedagogy