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Janáček’s fascination with the intonation of speech started at an early age, and it accompanied him throughout his life. The study outlines elements of speech found in Janáček’s two piano works: the piano sonata “1. X. 1905” and the piano cycle “In the Mists” based on comparing and drawing parallels between his speech melody snippets that he collected during his lifetime with a number of motifs and techniques he employed in those studied works. This parallelizing process also relies on Janáček’s written articles, interviews and essays, as well as on research conducted on his operas and vocal works. Their importance lies in the examples of how Janáček would constitute his chosen melodies, articulations and rhythms, and in their application of compositional devices which enhance the dramatic qualities of the work in respect to the psychological attributes of each character. This study may serve as a supplemental guide to the interpreter’s understanding of the unique nature of these piano works.


Janáček; Janacek; Speech Melody; Piano Sonata; In The Mists