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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Studio Music and Jazz (Music)

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Whitney Sidener

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Gary Keller

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Don Coffman

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John Olah


Six Ira Sullivan performances were analyzed from studio and live recordings spanning the years 1962 to 1998. Sullivan plays different musical instruments on five of the six selections: trumpet, flute, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone (2 selections), and soprano saxophone. Musical facets considered include phrasing (length/placement), melodic contour, lyricism, harmonic phenomenon, and concept of sound. Common musical threads within Sullivan's improvisations were expected to be found throughout all performances. A call and response dynamic across myriad musical fundamentals such as melody, harmony, and rhythm was found to be present and seems to form a basis for much of Ira Sullivan's improvisations. This and other broad traits common to Sullivan's improvisations are presented herein through analysis.


Miami; Multi-instrumentalist; Jazz Improvisation