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The primary purpose of this essay is to provide information and an overview for conductors and performers who are preparing a performance of Symphony #3 “Visions” by James Stephenson. Each individual movement is discussed, addressing a range of observations as discovered from extensive score study. These include theoretical observations, use of orchestration, and thematic and motivic development. Unifying elements to other movements such as thematic recurrences are identified. Each chapter also addresses performance considerations such as potential issues with balance, clarifications with articulations, considerations for ensemble precision, vital cues from the conductor, and so forth. Appendices include the composer’s program notes from the score and an interview transcript between the composer and author. Symphony #3 “Visions” was premiered by the Frost Symphony Orchestra on April 26, 2019 at the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music in Gusman Hall, Alexander Magalong, conductor. All observations and suggestions are based upon the author’s experiences throughout the process of preparing this performance. Direct recommendations from the composer are cited.


Stephenson; symphony; Frost Symphony Orchestra; Magalong