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Doctor of Philosophy (PHD)


Industrial Engineering (Engineering)

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Shihab Asfour

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Alexander Perez Pons

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Murat Erkoc

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Moiez A. Tapia

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Sohyung Cho


The technology exists for the migration of healthcare data from its archaic paper-based system to an electronic one and once in digital form, to be transported anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. The advent of universally accessible healthcare data benefits all participants, but one of the outstanding problems that must be addressed is how to uniquely identify and link a patient to his or her specific medical data. To date, a few solutions to this problem have been proposed that are limited in their effectiveness. We propose the use of biometric technology within our FIRD framework in solving the unique association of a patient to his or her medical data distinctively. This would allow a patient to have real time access to all of his or her recorded healthcare information electronically whenever it is necessary, securely with minimal effort, greater effectiveness, and ease.


Belief Theory; Data Fusion; Biometrics; Electronic Medical Records