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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Luciano Magnanini

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Dennis Kam

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Margaret Donaghue

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Robert Weiner


This essay describes basic preparation techniques for oboe auditions through examples demonstrated in selected oboe excerpts. The application of these methods in the selected oboe excerpts will help to reinforce the objective of each outlined preparation technique. Three aspects regarding preparation techniques are discussed. Technical Preparation describes different practice methods intended to increase technical performance consistency for an audition. Performance Internalization details the mental approach to accurately prepare a solo audition before an audition committee. Critical Factors Involving Reed Preparation describes effective processes in reed preparation through the analysis of reed-making sources. Basic Preparation for Oboe Auditions by Using Selected Oboe Excerpts is intended as an audition preparation source for amateur oboists. This essay can additionally serve as a basic and fundamental reference for higher level performers who are preparing to play auditions.


Audition Preparation; Oboe