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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Studio Music and Jazz (Music)

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Rachel L. Lebon

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Paul F. Wilson

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Whitney F. Sidener

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Lawrence Lapin


While the concept of teaching jazz style to vocal students is not a new one, previous materials written on the subject have not addressed two important aspects of this process. One is the concept of selecting jazz vocal solo repertoire that is both musically and vocally purposeful and appropriate for the student. The other is how to teach stylistic concepts that will apply to both current repertoire as well as songs the student will learn in the future. This doctoral essay provides both a categorized list of solo jazz vocal repertoire as well as strategies for introducing stylistic elements of jazz into the private-lesson setting. Through a systematic analysis of jazz vocal standards, a list of repertoire selections was categorized by rhythmic style, melodic range, melodic harmony, melodic rhythm, and harmonic content. In addition, the stylistic need to add syncopations to swing songs with non-syncopated melodies was addressed. Suggestions are included on how to implement this categorized list in the music selection process for students. Furthermore, this essay provides jazz voice teachers with strategies to efficiently incorporate important aspects of jazz styles such as rhythmic feel, song form, improvisation, and harmony into the lesson setting. By showing connections between these concepts and the literature that is being taught, students can become more competent and confident within the vocal and stylistic elements of the jazz idiom.


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