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Doctoral Essay

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Instrumental Performance (Music)

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Craig Morris

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Dennis Kam

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Thomas M. Sleeper

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Gary Green


The purpose of this study is to create a performer's guide for three separate pieces written by David Sampson. The first piece, Breakaway, is written for two trumpets and electronic accompaniment. The second piece is entitled Passage, and is written for muted flugelhorn and viola. The final piece for examination is the Sonata for trumpet entitled Triptych, a commission from the International Trumpet Guild in 1991. Although the number of compositions for trumpet has increased in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, guides for the performer regarding pieces with unique instrumentation and internationally commissioned works extremely limited. Included in this study is an examination of the specific challenges found in Breakaway, Passage, and Triptych, with detailed consideration regarding the methods with which to execute the unique performance elements of each composition. In addition, the information found in this study will expand the number of twentieth and twenty-first century trumpet works that have been investigated in a formal research capacity.


Michael Flynn; Craig Morris; Passage; Triptych; Performance Practice; Breakaway; David Sampson; Performer's Guide; Trumpet Analysis; Trumpet; Trumpet Performance